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Mental health

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Mental health

Hi I am writing about the impact of parental incarceration on their children. If anyone had a parent or guardain in prison at some point in their lives I would like to hear your story and how having a parent behind bars affected your mental health. So please feel free to share if you are comfortable! 

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good morning. My name is Takeerah. My father was in prison when I was born and was in and out until about six years ago. I am now 39 and he is 61 and we are just now getting to know each other. I had a childhood filled with mental, physical and sexual abuse. When my dad was out he was on drugs and fighting my mom. Even through all of that it turns out that he would have been the better parent had he stayed clean and out of prison. My mother was not a very affectionate woman. To this day my relationship with her is non existent. I have always felt unloved and unwanted, and I am currently in therapy and on medication. 

Through all of that I am so excited about this bond I am finally able to form with my father. I also have siblings through him that I don't know but am very excited to get to know. Let me know if you have questions or need more details.


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