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Recovery from Addiction

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Recovery from Addiction

If You Are Looking for Support in Your Recovery Than You Found the Right Place to Start...
Hi My Name is April and I'm a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic-Addict. I Have Over 2 yrs Clean and Sober from Drugs and Alcohol. I Know it's a Hard Battle to Fight but With the Support of Other Addicts, Recovery is Possible!! Stay Hopeful!! God has a Plan for You!!

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Hi April, as a therapist I only can say 'gratulations' 

In Belgium and the Netherlands I give lectures about drug and alcohol addictions because my ex partner was heavily addicted. I know how hard it is to not become a co-addict, how hard an addict has to fight to stay in control of the addiction and how cruel it is when the drugs or alcohol comes first so you have to take your distance to stay out of the misery.

Stay strong April and I wish you all the luck in the world. 

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Hi April, My name is Larry. I wanted to commend you in your efforts to support others that are battling addictions. I remember reading Professor George Vaillant saying that “alcoholism is . . . highly treatable, but . . . will require great responsibility from the patient.” That includes your being determined to quit drinking alcohol. A lack of resolve can mean living​—and dying—​as an alcoholic. What can help? Focusing on the destructiveness of alcoholism. I suppose this can apply to any addiction. It may also help to remind ourself that you do not need alcohol to be happy. Nor do you need an artificial high to have self-respect, good health, loyal friends, and a loving family. Success in these areas of life comes through applying God’s Word. That Word also gives you a hope for a brighter future​—eternal life without emotional or physical pain! Having such a hope gives you yet another reason to abstain from alcohol. A good resource on this and other topics can be found at