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Shadow work. Spiritual healing

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Shadow work. Spiritual healing

Shadow work (Ego): What is our shadow?

Firstly, what is our shadow. You hear the talk about light and dark. In truth light = energy and darkness = space. When we look up at the night sky we see both the space and energy of the sun, stars, planets, matter etc. all working together in balance. There is no separation. The separation we feel to the world and universe is because of our shadow self, our ego. Ego represents a false identity and a false version of existence which has been taught to us ever since childhood. The process of shadow work is delving into the ego that fills the space and removing it. The ego works as all wall preventing the light (energy) flowing and growing freely through space.

What is shadow work?

Shadow work teaches us to accept and leave behind in our lives the negativity which no longer serves us, such as: evil, hate, anger, violence, drama, ego, fear, and the conditioning of the system. It no longer serves our minds as we are evolving beyond this 3D reality and connecting to our true selves and the planet. You set the pace and the path. No two journeys are the same so don’t worry if someone is doing it differently. Trust yourself and your gut. Your being will not throw you into the deep end. It will take you through healing on the level you are able to understand. 

The process of shadow work is called SELF-REFLECTION. We dig into the parts of ourselves that are unhealed, such as negative emotions, traumas, reactions, relationships, presence and our outer ego and how it affects ourselves and others in our everyday lives.

Why do we do shadow work?

We heal these aspects of our being because they no longer serve or align with our higher state of mind, the person we're becoming or the person we want to be. To simplify it further, we are evolving. To heal, we must face why they were inside us to begin with. You'll go through many emotions, but you'll feel lighter and lighter the more you leave your shadow behind. To allow light to enter and grow, we must make space. Although at times it may not feel it, shadow work is an extremely rewarding process. Shadow work is a process we do individually. However, you are not alone. There are many people on this planet going through the same process and we all arrive at the same place. The universal life force energy is with you and we all arrive at the same place, Oneness

Shadow work: The methods:

Meditation is probably the best. Or for a beginner, mirror work. Look through a mirror. First ask yourself what the person in the mirror needs. A hug, a friendly smile, love, cheering up? What you need generally shows the areas that need improvement. Then have a look at your negative reactions and presence in life. Are you short-tempered? Do you have jealously in you? Are you selfish? Why are you easily angered, etc.? What are the triggers?? And keep digging deeper with the questions until you get to the root of the cause and find closure. That's how we heal. We bring all the negative and unhealed parts of ourselves to the surface and process them through emotions.

There may be past experiences in life such as abuse, violence, childhood trauma and relationships which will be a similar process. What if another person, such as a parent or an ex-lover, was involved? The answer is easy. Do not read into their negativity. You are not responsible for another's actions. Their negativity is no longer your negativity. Their actions are not your burden to carry. Just focus on the closure and healing you need to leave the experience behind. Forgiving the person is hard however, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal from another’s actions. If we continue blaming, hating and reliving the experience then them emotions will always be present in us. Forgiving someone is forgiving the unhealed parts of that person. If they ever enter into shadow work, they too will need to relive their actions. That itself deserves forgiveness for them and yourself to move forward. Forgiveness plays a huge part in shadow work. We may punish ourselves for our actions however, the only person who can forgive you is yourself. Everyone can be redeemed. 

After you've faced a negative part of yourself. Go into a positive, such as happiness, and find the things that make you happy. It helps to keep us balanced throughout the process. It also teaches us the importance of balance, self-love and self-care. We don't leave positive emotions behind. We wouldn't want anyone taking our happiness away. So why would we take it away from ourselves? We all love positivity such as happiness, love, peace, kindness, etc. It helps us see through new eyes. We just remove the negativity that blocks our positive perceptions of ourselves and the world. When we enter a negative part of ourselves, we tend to look back through our lives. It's important to not become fixated with the past. The positive helps us see forward in life as it's more about the present moment. When we are doing light work, we tend to ask questions differently, and you can try this yourself. We don't usually ask ourselves when in our lives we have been happy. For some reason, there are moments that we remember, but it's harder to think of a positive past time than it is a negative one. When asking positive questions, we tend to ask questions such as: what makes us happy? That's because positivity helps us move forward and connects us to the present moment.

The more negatives you leave behind, the more you ascend beyond duality. The world will look less fearful and more beautiful. We change the world by changing our perspective first. Therefore, changing the way we feel, see and treat the world. It's easy to become drawn into shadow work and aligning with our higher self. However, living every day to the fullest is equally important. Our mind, body, spirit (energy) and emotions play a vital role in balancing us in our lives.


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