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Correspond with two DR pen pal

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Liw from Scandinavia
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Correspond with two DR pen pal

I'm just wondering if it's a bad idea to correspond to two different pen pal that's both on Death Row? I've found two ads that really appeal to me, but they both seem to be places in the same facility (Texas, Polunsky Unit). Does that mean that I could create a negativ situation for them?


I don't know how it works in there.. if they can see and talk to each other about their pen pals? If so, that could be awkward...

Appreciate your thoughts on this!

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It is not recommended to write more than one inmate in the same facility. It is even recommended to have only one penpal per state just to be safe. Because yes it could create a negative situation.

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I would personally advise against it. I wouldn't even suggest writing someone in the same prison, different unit. The inmates move a lot and some can get rather possessive over their 'people'. It's even a risk writing to someone in the same state, different prison in that they could eventually end up in the same unit.

If you decide to go ahead and write them both, do so at your own peril! There is a very high chance that they'll know each other. 

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Hi Lengon and welcome to the forums!

There isn't anything wrong with corresponding with two ppl on DR - I'd just recommend that you pick two ppl who are on DR in different states. Two in the same row is sth. I'd advice against also, for reason already given.

What you might do is write someone who is on DR in TX and one who is either in a state or a federal prison in TX and has a shorter sentence. But I'd avoid Telford unit, then, as this is the unit where many (most? I guess so) of the TX prisoners with a LWOP (life without possibity of parole) sentence are being housed. And for the (though very unlikely, especially when it comes to TX) case that the TX DR prisoner gets his sentenced commuted, he'd most likely be transferred from Polunsky to Telford, then. Which might likely put you into the dilemma you're trying to avoid if you already had someone in there.

Hope this helps,


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Oof, yeah, I would especially not do this with Death Row penpals. DR (and life imprisonment also) breeds a different kind of mindset for prisoners, a different kind of lonely. 

Liw from Scandinavia
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Better late then never. Thank you so much for responding to my question! It really helped me a lot. :-)

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Actually, I think there might be a difference for DR prisoners vs. general populaton prisoners.  The advice about not writing to two non-DR prisoners at the same facility is reasonable, because there's the possibility for the two inmates to interact with each other.  I don't think that's true for DR inmates.  They don't leave their one-man cells, ever.  Period.  There is no mixing with other inmates.  They are completely isolated from each other.  In that situation, I'm not sure what harm could result from writing to two DR prisoners in the same prison, even in the same unit.  I may be overlooking something, and I am not an expert, but just giving my two cents for what it's worth.

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I'm still new and this is my first post here in the forum.  But one thing I know from my pen pal on DR in Cali, when they're not in the hole, they're definitely in contact with a lot of others on the yard.

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death row inmates at sq do mix on yard they send kites they call out and talk to one another they send food to each other they help one another they know a lot more than people think



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That total exclusion might be true for Polunsky (never wrote to anyone there, but, this being TX, yeah, maybe), but I wouldn't recommend this either in San Quentin, nor in Chilicothe, for the above stated reasons.