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Washi Tape on snail mail?

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Washi Tape on snail mail?

Hey everone! I'm from Turkey and my penpal is on death row in Florida. I recently sent him a handwritten letter and it's oficially on its way. But the problem is, i put some washi tapes on the paper(it had some Turkish figures on it and I did it just to introduce him a bit of our culture) I didn't really think that it was going to pose a problem because the washi tape is also made of paper, like, it's not some foreign material. But then I started getting concerned about if they will forward it to him or not. Do you think this is going to pose a problem? If it does, do you think they'll deliver it with scrubing it off or will they not deliever the whole letter at all? I feel really stupid for not thinking about it in the first place and I'm stressed about it because I really did put a lot of effort in preparing it... Some information would be great.

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That is okay in regular penpalling, but never in prison penpalling. Tape is not okay/is against the rules. This will most likely be grounds for letter denial (meaning the letter will be marked for Return to Sender and should include either a stamp on the outside or a slip of paper detailing why it is being denied), as attempting to pull the tape off would still result in the sticky residue (which is where contraband is typically hidden) being left behind, and that is the big problem. 

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The type of contraband that is attempted to be snuck in on the backs of self-adhesive materials (i.e., tape, stickers/stamps) is 10 times out of 10 going to be drugs. So that is why jail and prison mail rooms are hypervigilant and tending to be inflexible where it comes to that.

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I tend to assume, also, that whatever I send to a pen pal will not reach them, physically, only a xerox copy of what was sent.  That is more and more getting to be the policy of the prison mailrooms, to copy all the mail and distribute only the copies to prisoners.  Therefore if you wanted to send something like lettered tape on the letter, or glitter glue, or anything considered contraband, you could xerox your original letter and put the copy in the envelope to the the prison address.  Then it would contain no contraband, but your pen pal would still be able to see what your letter looks like, as you had intended.  

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