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Would anybody like to talk, or exchange experiences about writing DR inmates? :)

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Would anybody like to talk, or exchange experiences about writing DR inmates? :)

I have now been in this world for nearly six months, and i have written some people, and i would like to hear what your experience is, or if you would like to talk about a different topic in regards to this subject thats fine, also :) 

Jennie Ann
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Hi there first of all I'm a very happily married woman have been for 36 years. I have four kids an 7 grandchildren. I'm a pagan witch I read tarot cards I'm a physic medium and Crystal healer. Im also a paranormal investigator. Love motor bikes I can't ride any more due to my spine crumbling so any Inpact could put me into a wheelchair for good. But hey ho I'm still alive.
I'm a regestered nurse midwife and physciatric nurse. If you right back I'm interested in your life interests
Thanks jennie Ann Hammond

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Johanne, I did write to two DR inmates for a while. With one we decided to part ways (without hard feelings, we wished each other well, but we both didn't want to continue writing) and with the other one is hard to do as well. (For me at least). I've come to learn for myself that I'm better off with writing to other inmates. DR is, or has been for me, rough and raw and I'm not into that to the necessary extent.

But for those who CAN do it and who can seperate/compartimentalize the person from the crime enough, hats off!


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Anne marie HH
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Mine too Blondgal

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I mean one of my good friends is on DR and I treat him the same as any other friend. So my experiences are private and no different to anyone else I communicate with; inside or out. 
Did you want to know anything specific regarding DR inmates?

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Hello my name is Christina I just open this account literally five min ago how does this work and can they see my address?

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Hi there. Where are you from

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Hi there. Where are you from

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Did you ever find out?

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Hi! I am a Finn and I sent the first letters to 2 DR inmates on 11th and 19th of November. The post from Finland to US takes 4-7 days + 1-3 prison days, but is there other factors why mail could reach them slower?

I am fine with raw and rough, because honesty is the top 1 in my culture.
Also Finns have very dark sense of humor so that is put in a good use.

If/when the worst happens, is there time enough to response back because this regular mail is slow?
Are they allowed to use e-mail? I guess the last letter shall arrive to me after the fact.