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First time

Hi everyone,

I just sent out my very first email to an inmate, they said they are going to print it out and give it to the inmate. I was wondering now, that if the inmate decided to write back, will it be a letter sent to my house, or an email? 

I did some research and found a lot of information about JPay and other ways to talk to the inmate, but not a lot of information about the mail exchange through the website itself (writeaprisoner), can someone help me and give me some insight, that would be nice :)



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Hi lovely I can help you out with all of that information you need, I've been writing to my man for 5 months now so I know all about it, give me a text on 07712640798 or my insta is sabrinahonour 

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Also do you have time to write to my mans friend, he's out in 8 months and would love a woman to keep him company, he's so lovely! I can give your more information about him if you can write to him, he'd be soo grateful 

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You'll receive it through your postal address. 
Some states have Jpay and other have Corrlinks; but not all. 
Try adding them to jpay and it will show if you have the email option available. Many have two way email however in Texas, you can email them but they have to reply via snail mail

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How do I use this website. My friend is looking for a women to keep him company as well.

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Hi Sabrina,
Hope you don't mind but I think I've just asked to follow you so I can ask you a few questions.. if easier is it okay to WhatsApp you?