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Trying to videocall with JPAY from Spain to Ohio

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Petra Swiss Miss
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Hola Maria
I don't have a PP in Ohio but I found the form you need on a different site. Because I couldn't access the Ohio DOC either. Not even with the VPN ;o) Don't know what their problem is. Here is the Link:

The application looks similar to what I had to fill out for Iowa. Exept they wanted the whole address in addition to the phone number. (Iowa even allows foreign phone numbers/calls). Make sure you have a copy of the form for yourself.
Not quite sure where you have to send (snail mail) it though. Best to ask him. He should get the info. Some States have a central office for such paperwork. After the approval went through, the facility (see at the bottom page 2??) or inmate get a notification and you are added to their list. Then you are able to schedule visits.
It can take a bit of time. Mine went through fast, only 3 weeks. lol
Best of luck and I hope it works out.

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I have figure that most Ohio websites doesn't work for me unless I use a vpn before so try to set up a vpn and try to access the website again 

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Trying to videocall with JPAY from Spain to Ohio

Hi everybody.

I'm trying to set up a videocall conference with my friend at ODRC, but JPAY gives me a message that He should add me to a list of visitors. We have talked about it and he says i must fill a form but unfurtunatetly the web page of the ODRC doesn't open in Spain. It doesn't work. It is not a conectivity problem because everything else works fine. Do you guys know how to do it, and if there is actually a form, where can i get it and where can i send it? I would apreciatte if you have experience.