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Email delays

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Email delays

Hi,I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if anyone who uses jpay still is having email delays. I'll get a notification that I have a new email but when I go to check there's nothing and then it'll take a week or two to get the email. I emailed jpay support but heard nothing bad yet, I'm just curious if this happens to others otherwise I'll just go back to old fashion snail mail. 

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I've been experiencing longer than usual delays this past week also but nothing as extreme as a week or two. My PPs institution as also been having difficulties with their WiFi so that's been impacting it too. I actually contacted JPays customer support regarding receiving email notifications and then nothing being in my inbox. Customer support said that it can take a while for that message to actually then be in your inbox. Sometimes I never even receive an email notification and there is a message in my JPay inbox - I think they're just really unreliable. I suggest calling them if you can- it's a 24 hour support number. For me, even with delays, it still works out faster than snail mail since I'm in Australia.

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Same issue here, I'm getting email notifications about new messages but haven't had any message in my inbox for a few days. Customer service never responded, some people over at FB said they're just delayed notifications for messages you've probably already read. I'm also not getting confirmation mails about stamp purchases or money sent.


Looking at recent blog comments on their site and app reviews in the appstore, this seems to be happening a lot lately...

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I think all my jpay penpals are busy..... But might just be a high volume of messages during the Easter break and visitation.

Lena Alejandra Mota
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I send an email throu the site server and they send it to the inmates on the 7th and 23th each month. How do I know if my inmate received my email thou? I’m new to this. Does anyone has experience with that?

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