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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18



Hey , if anyone is interested I'd love someone new to chat with who has similar interests as I do , Abba 80s parenting ( I'm a mother to a 18 month old boy) ect and more , I can imagine it gets pretty lonely looking at the same walls and everday I feel the same when I'm at home doing nothing , I'd like to help you to help me if that makes any sense !! Haha , I'm a very chatty and out going person , if you'd like to chat more go ahead  ---Lauren



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Hi this the mother of an inmate trying to get him a penpal or single lady, his name is Brian Russell A792168 he's white single male 6'2" 165 lbs dark hair dark eyes, he's incarcerated at richland correctional institution in Mansfield Ohio thank you, please write or whatever, he's lonely

Ariel Batista



Hi let's vibe


Hi let's vibe


Hey what's good? Workout junkie? I love that. What part of the country are you from?


Hola estas?


Hey, how r you?? ☺






write me plz




Let's be friends.


Hi there! I didn't no i registered a while ago. But here i am back again! 


Hiii would someone like to be friends?


Hey whats up my name is steven and id love to get to know you more or to just even chat you cqn text me at 5135972928 or fi d me on facebook steven rexroat i hope to hear from you


add me on jpay i would love to chat! 


Winslow Ariz prison. I'm white, straight age 30 6"2 Widowed. Look me up on write a prisoner.
Let's get to know one another.
Blake Miller


Hi my name is James. You can find me on isn't a gram via snazzy Chadian or on face book. I go by my middle name mostly ( adian ) I've had my past run ins with the law as I went through foster care, homelessness and eventually jail. I'm actually really down to earth and loving if I can trust you. I've been through a lot and I'm hanging in the there as I've matured over the years and all I want is to lead a basic and adventurous lifestyle and hopefully start a family of my own and give them what I have never had. Looking for a Female who is understanding and down to earth. 


Hello and I'm not sure if you even use this anymore. Hopefully, you do. My name is James but I got by my middle name again. I have had my run-ins with the law but have learned from my mistakes and have been trucking forward ever since. I'm a homebody as well because I lost all my supposed friends while I pursue a career and life that I want. Would love to char and ill be very transparent with you.


Hey Everyone! I'm new here, just made this profile today! Lol My name is Carra and I'm a homebody just looking to meet new people! I'm a single mom of two awesome kids, they are 11 and 12. I work alot but in my free time I love to fish,camp,hike,horseback ride and take my kids to the pool and we also vacation in Tennessee every year! If your interested in being penpals then feel free to message me!



If you would be interested in writing an inmate, you can do so here:

If you would like to list an inmate on our website, you can do that here:


Hi I can't figure the site out either


Hey Snow! it's simple, just click the advance search filter and click search. 

id love to meet you though :))



Hi Ms. Lauren, I would love to chat with you.


Hi, did you get any response?

Frank Wilkes

I'm a prison widower. My wife has been down since 1994. We're still "together." I'd like to exchange messages with other prison widowers as well as others who might want to correspond.

Frank Wilkes


Hello! To search for inmates, please visit:


I can't figure this site out. How do you find an inmate on here?


How do we search for someone we may like?


Lauren, inmates don't have access to the forums. Browse through the ads and choose someone you might like to write.