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Help me sign up my inmate please.

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I signed my brother up to and paid $50 and it's saying profile not found. I just mailed them.

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Yes I'm trying to sign my brother up it took my money but saying he's doesn't have a profile I need help as well 

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Ok i filled out a Pen-pal & Reintergration form for a friend and hes not getting any info on it ,i payed the 50.00 with a money order and mailed it with the form last month Can anyone tell me how to find out any info?

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Hi Patricia, 

Here's the link to register a new inmate with Write a Prisoner. 

minister of God
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My name is Patricia Pitts, I don't know how to sign up an inmate can you please assist me?

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go to the website,, click on the big green button, start.  the website asks about you first and its almost as much info as your gonna give on your son.  when you get finished with your infomation, if the website doesn't take you to the page about him, go to list a inmate. this post is old, surely you have figured it out by now.  good luck, i have a son in there too.

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Where do I go to , to do so 

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How do I create a bio 

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Did you pay for an ad and give your info to WAP?

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How do I post for my inmate account 

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1. Look at inmate ads  
2. Choose someone you think you will click with, something you might have in common or someone that seems to be sincere and genuine in finding a friend to write to. 
3a. Write a paper and pen letter to the inmate you choose 3b. Use the "email" the prisoner now feature on WAP, which WAP will print as a paper and ink letter and send (only 2 dates per month) the letter to the inmate on your behalf. This is only for intial contact and can only be used once. If you want to write more than one inmate then refer to step 3a. 
4. Wait. Patiently. For sometimes many weeks. 
5. Wait some more. 
6. Receive an letter from your new pal and continue from there. 

There also services which can make contact quicker depending on what State they're in and what they have access to at their facility. JPay and Corrlinks are the main ones, and are like a kind of secure email service that doesn't actually give inmates access to the internet. Corrlinks is free for the people on the outside, or you can pay a small fee for a premium account. And you have to be added by an inmate, so you give them your email address and you'll get sent an invitation email to accept of decline.  I know less about JPay but you can send your pen pal "stamps" so they can email you back. The best place to get info on JPay is their website. Or look at the other 5 million questions about JPay on the forum. 

Other than that, which gets a bit confusing, you might want to start with the basics. Keep it Stone Age and just use and pen and some paper, or even type a letter and send it in an envelope. Nothing wrong with traditional snail mail. Apart from that is slow. Like it's namesake the snail. 
Happy Writing!

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How does this work 

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When you sign up it makes you out your address I sent a email to a inmate will they be able to see that address so they can send a letter back

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What do you mean? Some facilities do allow prisoners to get or/and send emails. That's going to depend on the state and /or the facility your son is at. Or maybe you meant sth. else and I didn't understand what you said...

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I've signed my son up. How do inmates get emails?

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Hi Kathy,

here's the link on how to do it.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


If you have any further question, just ask. I can't promise you to know everything (I never uploaded a profile myself, just renewed one once), but I'm sure there'll be ppl to help you out.