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Hi I’m new here

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Hi I’m new here

hi my name is Miguel new here can anyone tell me how a work?

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My name is Jason I'm seeking to make new friends and thought I would give this a try.the few things I enjoy are.writing sports video games working out.listening to music and tattooing.I love to have fun and just enjoy life.im open minded a great listener and I will love to receive some letters.I look forward to hearing from you...

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This is my first time using this. My name is Brenda I live in North Carolina and I'm looking for a pen pal to communicate with. Have a great day.

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My name is Deornte and I am looking for a pen pal to talk to.

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Guys...wtf...its a site to write to prisoners..go find a penpal..there's thousands to pick from...

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hello, stay strong and be kind! Looking for people who can admit mistakes and move on...

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Hello Deornte, how are you? My name is Kyra and I'm also looking for a pen pal. Hope to hear from you and have a great day!

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Can anybody help me set this up for a inmate 

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Hello my name is anni I am new to this site I was told by a friend of mine.. I like listening to music, watching movies, spending time with family and friends etc how are you doing? I love tattoos as well I have 8 of them and am getting more. I also have my lip pierced too. I am 25 turning 26 on the 19th of February 

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Inmates don't have access to the internet and can not read the posts on this forum.

If you're looking for a pen pal, click here: https://writeaprisoner.com/inmate-search

If you want to set up a profile for an inmate, click here: https://writeaprisoner.com/inmate-new-listing

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hello all

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Looking for a female to chat and keep it real.

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It's concerning that so many people don't know how to use the service properly or know how to read the rules..

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Hi im new to this so thought I give a try. I'm in England if anyone fancies a chat to a British girl

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Hi my name papi and I am new to this I would like to know how this work

Maria liq
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Hayy deornte i can be your pen pall xx write me back

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Hello everyone, I am new here. My name is Happy Okoh and nice to be here with you. I am a Nigerian Lady searching for Penpals and Business Associates to exchange and sale my collectibles. Please write to me ASAP.

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Hello Im new here. Im looking for a friend maybe something that could build into more.

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Inmates don't have access to the internet and can not read the posts on this forum.

If you're looking for a pen pal, click here: https://writeaprisoner.com/inmate-search

If you want to set up a profile for an inmate, click here: https://writeaprisoner.com/inmate-new-listing

Fränzi Nobs
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Hello from. United Kingdom I'm new to this so thought I say hello

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hello brenda how are you doing  i am lookinf for people to be friends with and write love to write also i know it,s lonley to be locked and have noone to talk to  i amhere you can write me  anytime  clarencefields

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Im new here looking for a pen pal,i believe everyone deserves a chance so hit me up

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Hello everyone. I have been here for almost 3 months. I have met some good people on this Write a prisoner. One is really special. Definitely glad I signed up

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I definitely am looking very much forward to making penpals with some people. I bet everything that just one letter from an outsider is just enough light to make ya smile just even if for a moment.  I am LITERALLY new at this very moment to this site so before i ask how did you manage to find people to meet, i will do the research for myself as it has never really occured to me before but prison penpals are something i should have thought of a long time ago, 

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Welcome Mike, it's a very enriching experience for those incarcerated as well as for us writing to them. Not every relationship works out, but for the vast majority of us, we have found people that add real value to our lives. You will find lots of valuable information here. Good luck in writing.

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Hi guys! Me too I am new. I come from Italy and was told by a friend of this useful tool. I'm here to experience a new thing. It is wanting in Italy and I think that it should be installed, for the benefit of people who needs to talk with us. I hope this will be one of the greatest experience ever tried.

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Hey I’m also new here. My name is Anthony and I’m looking for a pen pal to write. 

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Hey do have JPay?

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Hi there I’m mya , I figured I could use someone to talk to as well . I’m new here so my pictures are taking forever to upload 

Christy mo 37
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Hi I am Scottish and i got my first letter from my pen pal on Saturday..Could not believe he wrote to me and he is sexy as feck lol..What is your pen pal like ?


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I'm from Scotland too Christy mo 37. There's quite a few of us on here :p

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Hello , Hope all is well with whom ever read this. I'm excited to be apart of something new and gain some pals . I've got about 4 more years left and just need a friend. Hit me up.. let's talk

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Hi Brenda my name is Jessica I'm a 39 year old stay at home mom to a soon to be 18 year old daughter i had a son his name is tyler he just turned 18 on January 17 2017 but then February 9th he was killed by a drunk driver I am also a wife to husband with a lot of health problems and is on hospice so I have a very hectic life from Florida but moved to Kentucky been here about 5 years now dont really have friends because we try to keep to ourselves because as we have learned the hard way you just can't trust nobody around here gotta love the small town life lol everybody talks about you behind your back not only the gossip makes you not trust no one but there is a lot of druggies well I don't want this to be a novel for our first contact so hopefully you'll write back and we can become friends cause I really need a good one talk to you soon hopefully

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Hi I'm Jessica very new to this whole pen pal thing so hopefully if you want I'll be your pen pal talk to you later :)

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Hey , how did u find yours and if you are in scotland do you write to people in like america or something just new here  :)

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Hello to everyone! I came across this site by finding my cousin that I was looking for online. I wasn't sure if she was still locked up or she's been released. This is actually more convenient than writing letters. Well maybe for us on the outside. Everyone take care!

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“I’m Quran and I’m currently incarcerated. I strongly believe I am innocent and am on a mission to prove my innocence. I’m looking for someone to write with and help guide and aid my journey. You can Jpay me at Quaran Hamm or write me directly by mail” 

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Hey am new here but real just need to confort those who needs to be conforted.and those willing to change.

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Hey how are you? I've literally never used this so bare with me haha but how are you? message me back when you get a chance (: 

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Hi everyone! I’m new here too, I’ve always wanted pen pals but never really knew how to start up anything like this until now! Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk too or if you’re looking for a new friend :)