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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Aussie girl looking for a pen pal :)

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Hello everyone my name is Tandika Wright, Bookcase# 4410023861.   I am currently in concerated at Rikers Island correctional facility, with unfortunate circumstances. As a Christian I always put my faith in trust in God first. Don't matter what curve ball, life might throw my way. In despite these circumstances I still manage to keep my head up high and a smile on my face.

Being a 5'7 gayness queen, raised in Brooklyn, NY.  I enjoying reading, writing and dancing. I also can be a Netflix and chill type of girl. I love to Advantageous and spontaneous.  

On nice sunny days, I love rollerblading or bike riding.  My zodiac sign is a Virgo. I'm kind, loving, caring, respectful and gentle, just an easy going person if you're interested in being my Pen-pal you've Met the " wright" women until pen touches Paper god bless 🙌 😊 




Thank you for your interest in writing to an incarcerated person through!

To get started, you would need to register for an account here: Once you have completed the registration process, you can select an inmate to write from this list:

That is all there is to it! We look forward to seeing you on! 



Hey beautiful my cousin is looking for a Pen Pal if you are interested let me know k ☺️


My cousin needs a pen pal if you are interested in writing him let me know k


Hey beautiful my cousin is looking for a Pen Pal if you are interested let me know k ☺️


Doing great how are you? 


Where are you from ?


Hello, how is everyone?


hi looking for a pen pal


864 729 5019


You know, prisoners don't have access to the internet, so chatting with yiou like on a messenger or anything might be a little difficult.

If you want to talk to and get to know a prisoner, iz'll be you who has to take the first step. Now you may say: "But I did!" and I say: "Uhm... not quite." I know you registered here (otherwise we wouldn't be writing right now), but this is a message board with a few forums. That was a form of communication which was very popular at the beginning of internet. It's not that much known and up to date anymore to the young digital natives, who now use social media in a completely different way. But what the middle aged to older generation states about social media nowadays, sounds very much alike to what the even older generation (now 70 or 80 years old) said 25 years ago about messageboards. So... *grin* Iguess, it's an old story repeating itself, I guess. 

And now you come from a newer form of communication (Tiktok) to an older form of communication (message boards) to revitalize an even STILL older form of communication: letter writing. If that isn't an amazing step of bridge-building, tell me what is. ;-)

The important thing is: In that old art of commication you've gotta choose who is the recipient of your message. It won't just go into the orbit or to an unknown, possibly infinite public audience you don't know llike it does onb social media or the internet (unless you choose to share content only with those you confirmed a connection with via friendship request).

Here, through the ads you've got thousands of friendship request, but the answer (your letter) will go to one specific person. Of course, not only, the mailroom is gonna read it as well, but in the end, it will be one specific person, with their unique friendship request aka penpal ad, who will receive your answer. So, you'll have to be meticulus, because you've choose who that person will be.

To make sure your choice will be sustainable and enriching for both of you (your new friend and you) you gotta answer yourself a few questions that may help you find some criteria to choose:

1) Are you willing to be in for the long haul? If you're not sure yet, choose a short-termer.  If you should notice in a few months or in a year that prison penpalling isn't for you, there isn't much lost for a person who may have two years to go. But it might hurt someone who'll never get out, if they put high hopes to you and you'll leave.

2) Are there certain crimes you're not able to deal with?

3) Do you prefer a certain age range? For me, this has never been much of an issue, but many ppl find it easier to write someone who is around their own age.

4) Some ppl prefer writing with ppl of the same race as their own, for others, this is not an issue, either.

5) Do you have a certain interest/hobby that you might wish to share with a new friend? (Search for keywords in profiles, if yes).

6) Read inmate blogs on this site. I've written to ppl because a blog entry added beautifully to their pp ad and it was a good thing to do.

In short: Browse through profiles and blogs, get an idea of who someone is and then choose whose friendship request aka penpal ad to respond to.

Good luck and happy writing!