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James Jones
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What is love?  Can you love properly after being damaged?



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What is love? O baby don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! No more...
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James, I hope this message reaches you at a pleasant time in your life. I believe that a person can love again after being damaged, if the desire to love returns to their heart first. 

Love and belief, 


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Anderson, Happy holidays.

I would not keep asking someone to stop hurting me, but I would start pleading the blood of Jesus even as it was happening.

Love and belief,



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Love is a over powering emotion that. Grows every time u love, like first its crush, puppy love, then everytime it gets deeper and deeper until ur at the point that when ur hurt u cant breath or think or anything cause the pain is way to much. It's a powerful emotion given to us in stages cause we cant handle the full emotion but with out it we r just lost. Try to love someone just a little or maybe u do.?!? Idk but I know I loved my 1st husband so much I felt I would die when we split then I got remarried and when he decided he wanted a divorce I was crushed, cause of the life and plans we had made for him to pretend I did something wrong . Well he cheated and paid Craig's list hookers for sex then one told him she would have a baby and fuck his wife.. I was confused for 3 months didnt know what went wrong, then he got drunk and needed to vent about his "cl hooker" so he calls his wife.. lmfao funny that he didnt just say he was with someone else for the 3 months I was trying to fix everything I could about me.. but it wasnt me at all it was his inability to be faithful, loyal, and real.. so I am no longer in pain but i know there is someone who i capable to love me as much as i love them out there somewhere and I'm excited to fall in love again with someone just cause i know it will be stronger then the love i had for this p.o.s. but I'm glad I'm able to love with no conditions and no limits... no matter what, who , where, when , and how, I can love with all I am and I am not afraid of that.
So basically just love someone and let the emotion grow inside u it's very uplifting and a reminder that there is a God and he is only giving us what we can handle a little at a time..
Trust and believe love is PRICELESS!!!

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Sorry kinda went off there just wanting to shorten it and say love is powerful, and there is many diffrent kinds. For parents, kids, friends, pets, family, and then there is the love that u have for another person... that love is incredable it grows every time u open ur self up and love and care for someone besides ur self. And it's a blessing cause it's amazing how much u will give to someone once you love them.. never be afraid to love it's just growing every time u love someone
Trust and believe that love is what u feel when u look at that someone and cant imagine ur life with out then in it.. its painful to live with out them but u will survive with out them and u are amazed when u love again and feel it even more entencely it's a over powering emotion we get to experience I staged cause we could not handle it all at once.

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Love doesnt hurt, people do. So if ur hurting maybe its not love maybe it's just controlling and u need to step back and refigure out what u want.. cause love is nothing but good things.. emotions feelings and unity if there is pain it's just not love..

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Damaged... everyone is broken in some form. And love is not a designed things it's an emotion that u learn to Express with time. But I believe I love properly and I dont hold back so I dont believe that there is a proper way to do it. Just love that's all u can do

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I believe you can if you take the time out to actually heal and repair yourself before you attempt to love again.

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I don't know why you're not fair
I give you my love, but you don't care.......

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Of course you can be loved again you jus need more TLC !

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You must love yourself first.

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Search Lewis Capaldi "bruises" acoustic...

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I love someone. I know he loves me to the best of his ability but he doesn't have the time to spend with me that as a woman I need. Dates, sleepovers, quality time with you/family or friends, sharing and building a future together. I need these things and it hurts me to not get them from him. I always make sure he is "taken care of" as a man, I always listen about work and like to spoil him in his bday and Xmas or just because. I always have his fave beer for him in the fridge . I make sure he feels valued and loved and satisfied. I love him. Some of my needs he is just unable to fulfill for me because of his business and all the time and focus it requires...some things tho he is unwilling to give...does that mean he doesn't love me? No. Does it mean that I stop loving him because my needs aren't being met and I'm hurting? No. I try to move in and be happy but I can't quite seem to let go. Maybe it's a self esteem issue...maybe when I love MYSELF in the way I love him I can finally do that. Soooo I just wanted to chime in that love is beautiful yes but sometimes there IS pain and hurt with love

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I used to feel damaged. Never thought I'd feel like a "normal" girl but it just takes time and vulnerability and trust. And also honesty with yourself.courage to sit with your pain and wounds and just let them bleed and hurt. It's hard. It's much easier to eat,drink,screw,shop them away and distract yourself but those are all cheap Band-Aids. You have to sift thru the wreckage and look at everything and accept that it's part of you. Be compassionate with yourself and look forward...strive to be your best you and hopefully not repeat old patterns of behavior and end up with the wound reopened. I can say after 12 years of therapy that I don't walk around feeling damaegd anymore. Am I perfect? Heck no! But I can see my journey now and remember to the hard work and the dark hopeless places I was in and I'm so thankful and greatful for my perserverance and courage ....and stubbornness too lol

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So true

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Love is forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and loving yourself as well as forgiving others and loving others. Love is when you can see past your idea of what they should or shoudnt be, and love them for who thery are. As long as there is no physical, or mental abuse, we can and are capable of loving eachother through the good and the bad. In fact loving someone through the bad times can increase the amount of love and a bond that people share. If someone does you worng, but they are sincerlery sorry and they wont do it again, the forgivness and love can bring them closer together than ever before. God loves us, and He never stops, even though we are stubborn and do bad things sometimes. And by lovingeachother through this ride called life, we learn so much about ourselves and what is truley important. Love changes people, it chages you and it changes those around you.

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Very true!

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This is true. And deep

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Yes it is

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Hi my name is James brown. I from Glasgow Scotland. 

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Love is a strong and complicated thing. First you need to be loving yourself before you can love anybody else. If you are damaged you need to male sure you heal and take your time with falling in love you dont love from the beginning at least i never had that " love at first sight" experience. And dont look for love it always ends up wrong for me. Be open to friendships and who knows the right one might be there for you. I find it very sad to see people being hurt and damaged especially since we all are old enough to communicate and talk things out. But to damage a person in whatever way is something ugly and nasty to do. I hope you find to yourself and start by you and heal and then everything else comes in time. Good luck and greets from Germany

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Accept who you are and do not try to be what anyone else wants you to be for you are unique and perfect as God made you. Accept others for who they are and do not try to change them to who you want them to be ... Love Unconditionally! Once you are able to accomplish this the peace and tranquility inside you will shine through and those who see it will be attracted to you, effortlessly. It is without effort that love attracts. Especially those who are meant to be with you .... including yourself. I look forward to finding a pen pal here soon.
Consider this ... Whatever anyone else thinks of you is none of your business! Love and blessings to all.