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New! How do I Create pen pal profile for my brother on death row

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New! How do I Create pen pal profile for my brother on death row

Hello, I am really trying to help my brother who is on death  row in CA get some pen pals. I am new to the site and I've really been putting this off too long for he's asked that I help him many times so please if anyone can help me navigate the site instruction where to click and put his info/profile on the site, I am doing this all on my smart phone I have my member login in info just don't know where to click to create his thank you so much I know this is a far cry but hopefully someone will see this.  Thank you Nanasi :)



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Here's the link for you:

Good luck to your brother for finding a penpal.

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Good evening, so I couldn’t sleep one night and found this site. I’ve went to the people not receiving mail. So I pick 4people to write to. It’s been 2 weeks now and I haven’t received any input back. Could I had done something wrong?

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Probably not. Mail is very slow right now due to COVID. Emails (jpay) are a little faster, but still... and it also depends where you are at. International mail took 3-4 weeks even pre-COVID and this has still turned longer. Even before the pandemic I'd have said: "Giveit a month or a month and a half", to someone who's not in the US,now I'd say: Give it 10-12 weeks. 

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The site is very difficult for me to navigate. It has a ton of ads. Some where small about a quarter of the way down its says "main menu" in there it says "list an inmate" you should b able to get it from there. Good luck.

Idk if it's just my wifi, but the pages forever to load.

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list a inmate

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I don't know the answer to your question but I would love to write to your brother. I just his I'd number, name & address.
I am 47 years old & live in Australia.

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I'm new to this, my son has requested I research pe pals for him and I don't understand how this whole website works. Can someone assist me in how I go about getting pen pals for my son?

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Good evening, I'm new to this site as well. I tried to locate a # to contact them to get some sort of assistance no luck so far. I would love for you to write my cousin Danny Phillips #0507391 I know he will write you back. I think that's all you need is his offender #. If you need anything else please let me know. Have a great evening :)

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Here's the link on how to create an inmate's profile:

Hope this helps

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How long after you create will it actually post?  I just set one up for my brother in law yesterday and dont see it on available list.  so confused!

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Give them 5 workdays.

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Was wondering if Phillip Mott #135070 was reviewed to post?  I haven't ever posted on things like this, so don't quite know the process.  He would love to have a pen pal or so, and was wondering if you could advise me?

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I doubt it. I'm assuming it's just taking a while with postal mail because if covid virus 


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I've got no way to tell you this, as a member of the forums I'm in no way part of their internal stuff. Contact them directly via email to ask. I assume you submitted the profile via email, too? If so, just ask them about it.