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please help im concerned!

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please help im concerned!

So i recently wrote to an inmate and then i was contacted by the inmate through a facebook account asking me how to write my address on the letter. My question is are they allowed to contact through facebook? I didnt even realise they were able to.

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Hmmm...I can imagine one of two scenarios: First, an innocent enough one, where they asked a trusted friend or family member on the outside to find you on facebook and get you this message, maybe because your return address was missing or illegible and they really just want to write back. Or second, not so innocent, that they have or have access to a contraband mobile phone, which is seriously risky business, and they want to write you so badly that they'd take that risk. I'd recommend NOT discussing this mystery in detail with your inmate (e.g. in a letter, which can be read by the authorities). Good luck, be careful, and happy writing!

Anne marie HH
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Yeah ffs don t mention FB or a cell phone

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often they go thru a family member,but some units allow them to have a page

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Texte Français and English

Je ne comprend pas très bien ce site, pourquoi pouvons-nous envoyer q’un Courriel par mois ?

y a t’il des moyens de parler régulièrement avec des détenues ?


merci de votre aide  

 I do not understand this site very well, why can we send only one email a month?
 Are there ways to talk regularly with inmates?
 Thank you for your help

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 I do not understand this site very well, why can not we send more than one email a month?
 Are there ways to talk regularly with inmates?
 Thank you for your help

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I'm new to this, but all I want to say is that, I'm here to respond when you need to talk. I have biblical things to share with new Christians. If you're not interested in Christian subjects, I'm still available. LOVE   Y'ALL!!!

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Well, my son is in jail and I was told that they are not suppose to be on Facebook because somebody got hold to a cell phone and was taking pictures of things that was confidential. So the answer is no in Connecticut, but not sure about other places. Be careful giving out your address.

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Diamond, just wanted to say thank you for being there for people!!  You have a good heart.

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@Dana: The email feature of this site is only for initial contact. After that, it'll usually be snail to the address given on the profile.

@Diamondmind: All the best to you. Having a kid in jail is not easy for sure.

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You can get the physical mailing address and send them snail mail. I can see many scenarios as to why only 1 per month...

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Hello people, looking for my first pen pal xx

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Hi Kirsten.

Hope you can help. Should I have offered postage money when I sent my initial email to make contact?

Do the inmates get postage? Many thanks God bless

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Some of them are, some aren't. It depends on the state. I'm in NY and in the state prison they can have phones but not in the local jails 

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Hi Auplassi,

No, you don't need to offer someone postage money when you write for the 1st time. If they checked the box of being willing to write overseas they should be able to do so, if they are indigent, there are possibilities in many states to help them.

Of course I can't tell you what's the specific situation of the individual inmate you chose to write, but I'd never offer money in the very first contact to not build up expectations you might not be able or willing to fulfill in the long run.

Thanks for the blessings, same in return.

Good luck and happy writing!