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Why can I only write one prisoner in 1 month ?

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Why can I only write one prisoner in 1 month ?

Why I only can write one inmate in 30 days through email ? That's crazy why is it like this? I interview people and hear their story's and post it on YouTube I'm building a page of course with the prisoners permission and this is making it so hard for me please help 

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Hmmm. Sounds like you're using the email feature of this website? I'd suggest signing up for an account at, getting yourself a pile of message credits (they call them stamps), then coming back on here to the Search Inmates (advanced) page and sorting by Institutional Email: JPay. Find the folks you want to write, add them to your JPay contact list, and email with impunity! I'd also recommend attaching a message credit to your introductory email(s) so the inmate can reply. You can also try other institutional email services such as GTL/ConnectNetwork and CorrLinks. All of them are facility-specific. Best wishes!

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ive waited out the thirty days just to find out only one email period

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Me to I keep wondering why I can't email him again.

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That's normal, because the emails are only for initial contact. After that you have to write a letter (or an electronic message, if his facility provides such a feature and you got an account at the according service.

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I'm trying to set up a account for my nephew.  His name is Arturo Alomas and he is in Trenton his #603259C.  He is looking for a pen pal. 

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I wonder that same problem, 1 letter per mont

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Not one letter per month. Just one initial email via WAP feature per month.

How many letters you write via snailmail or how many jpay or connectnetwfork or corrlinks messages you send per month is totally up to you.