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why do I need to show my address??

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why do I need to show my address??

I was just wondering if there was any way to take my address off the letter when its sent? I know it sounds stupid but i just dont want my address sent out but if i cant take it off then its okay.

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So that he can reply to you!? 
Writeaprisoner only sends out your initial letter. Then the rest is down to you and the inmate including the cost. 

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If you wanted a pen pal, paid for an ad to seek those pen pals, got a letter in the post from someone who wanted to be friends, and got excited about having a pen pal, then turned the letter inside out trying to find an address, and there was none..... - how would you feel? 

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If you possess a credit card, want to write an inmate and not show your address,

pick an inmate whose facility allows him access to jpay. 

Avoid Texas. They have jpay, but would need an address as they can just receive, not send emails via jpay.

If you're international and have no US billing addy, avoid GTL, too.

And if all else fails, rent a P.O. box.

And answer myself one question, please? What is so hard on giving one's address when writing a letter? What are you afraid of? I sem to read this more and more recently and I can't help but ask "Why?"

Caution is okay, but where do this deep mistrust and fear come from?


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I agree, Kirsten. Whilst I think everyone should exercise a certain level of caution when talking to any stranger, I don't understand why so many people who initiate contact with inmates have this very concern. 
My pp's are my best friends and I'd happily invite all of them to my house. 
It personally makes me wonder if it's the right thing for these people to be doing if they are that scared/worried/concerned about talking to a prisoner. 

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Just going to throw my two cents in here. I use a PO Box personally. This is primarily to respect those in my household who would like to maintain their own privacy, which is understandable. There is some element though in which I use it because I have been stalked in the past and thus have become gun shy to allowing even those I know (from places such as school) my address. I have a friend of five years who only learned my address last year. There are more layers than just fear to wanting to protect one's address. It also honestly IS scary writing to inmates for the first time. For those within the USA especially there is a brutal stigma towards inmates, down to the idea that if someone in the street even looks like they might have been to prison people will tend to shun them. Overcoming that stigma is a nerve wracking process for many. I try to have grace with those who are new because of this. Even I was a bit scared in the beginning and I would say I was pretty open to banishing stigma even then. I also don't know the full story for this particular person and thus don't know the full context. 

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Just need help posing a pp profile for my bro who is currently on death row