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I am a person who will be very happy to communicate with someone

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I am a person who will be very happy to communicate with someone

Hi guys ~ I'm Katrina, nice to meet you ~ I found out about this app for exchanging messages with prisoners, and I'm glad to talk to any of you ~ I also found a guy here that I liked a lot, but I'm embarrassed to write to him, the profile says that he is not wants international communication. And I'm from Ukraine:(

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Hi Kate, yes, sometimes it is only because they don't have the money even for the stamps and the long-distance takes a lot of time when they don't have access to the mailing system.


Brenda Sant ́ Ana
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sorry about that :(

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Hi Kate,

If you do an advanced search, you can select: willing to write overseas (or something like that). That way you have more chance to finding someone that wants to dot that. But please, don't be disappointed if they are not writing back to you. Sometimes they get a lot of responses and then they don't have the money to reply to everyone overseas. 

Another thing you could do, is get an American adress via JMail. You email your letter to them and they forward it. Your inmate can then write back to their US adress and they will email his letter to you. It's more expensive for you, but it's much cheaper for your PP.

Having said all that, I am sure you'll be able to find someone else. On the 'needs mail' list there are over 3.300 profiles, so there is bound to be someone on WAP that you like. 

Happy writing and nice meeting you!

Yusuf Berkant Bulut
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Merhaba Kate nasılsın umarım iyisindir ben Türkiye'den Yusuf 19 yaşındayım gördüğüm kadarıyla çok üzgünsün eğer bir yardıma ihtiyacın olursa buradayım.

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If you would like to write Hector Martinez 95780. His profile is listed and he is a good guy, a close friend and he has no probelms speaking out of the country!! He really is a sweet guy and if you have any questions let me know and i will answeer everything that i can!!!!