Advice needed..

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Advice needed..

i juI’m new to all of this.. my partner is currently in prison in the U.K. waiting to get sentenced, we have a baby daughter together. Has anyone got any advice on how to cope with having a relationship with someone locked up? I’m not bothered about the physical side too much because we can hug and kiss on the visits anyway it’s more emotional support and of course having an over all good relationship. I will always be loyal to him however it’s going to be hard to try and mentain this even though I will. The social visits that we go to, which is a room full of others is just too much for me to the point I get upset. Everyone can hear everyone’s conversations pretty much and I hate kissing him in front of people and the whole situation is upsetting seeing him in that environment. I may arrange a family visit and ask about more private ones. I’d appreciate some tips on how to cope. He rings me most nights too and we write to each other. I’m currently on maternity leave thinking of going back to work early to keep my mind off things!