Anyone try the email a prisoner thing?

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Anyone try the email a prisoner thing?

I haven't sent out my first letter yet; I was thinking about doing it today. I was wondering though, before I sent it out if anyone had tried the "email a prisoner" thing on this website. If so, how quick do they get it? Is it faster?

My personal opinion is that it would be a little bit more sincere if I were to handwrite it, but I don't know.

what do you guys think?

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have used it and it everyone I sent to got it . worked fine for me

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I've never tried it but I knew a few people on here have and have received responses :) Im not sure on the dates but any emails sent through here are mailed out on 2 set days in each month. I have to admit I do prefer to handwrite my letters though :) xxx

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:yup:I sent my first letter through the email service on here and got a reply so it really does work :)

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I sent my first 3 letters that way on Feb 19th and received letters from all 3 on March 3 I was quite surprised I received responses so soon. So it is a good way to make initial contact.

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When you send your letter by e-mail.. Do you still need to put the inmate's number next to the name?

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NO...I don't believe so....They only send the emails out like twice a month. They know who it's going to and address it accordingly.

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I've tried it and it worked fine. He personally took a while to respond, but it worked none the less.

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Mail from the WAP site goes out on the 4th and 20th of each month and that was how i first made contact and it is still ongoing, i rate this service highly

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I used this for the first two letters I sent as I was away at the time and decided to do this over the holiday period. I sent mine on the 3rd of April and only recieved one reply which arrived on the 27th. From the date on the reutrn letter mm e-mail had at least arrived by the 13th, possibly earlier depending on when my PP decided to write back. I highly recommend it if you want to send one but don't/can't do a hand letter the first time.

Oh and no, you don't need to put their inmate number, that's done for you :)

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I did sent my first letter on April the 3rd ,by email.I haven't had a response yet though!

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O.K., I have never done this email thing that you all are speaking of. I have however done the email from and my son has gotten my letter the next day. I have attached pictures also and they have been included. One time I sent 11 pictures and 1 letter at the same time. I buy postage online through I pay $5.00 and get a certain amount of letters 9pages) I can send, or $7.50, and so on. I brought 32 letters (pages) and I think that costs the $7.50. The pictures are in black and whhite which is not too cool with me, but he does not mind.

I send him pictures in bulk in the regular mail in color and that makes up for the black and whites. I go to Kinko's and use their machine because I get to put frames on my individual pictures, write text any way I wish to, and date my pictures! i get to do a lot with them! Make different sizes, and everything and it never costs me a lot of money either.

I still take time to write him a letter every now and again, for that very personal touch, but my son prefers getting the letter sooner and more often through

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How do you do the email to a federal prisoner

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what states allow writing to a prisoner thru email

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Well, I didn't know at that time for "e-mail a" website so I used the WAP instead.
I sent it on the 8th of October, so I missed the 6th so I know it'll be delivered ... tomorrow !!

YESSS ! :)

But then he has to reply and since I'm in France, I have to wait another two weeks so we'll see ;(

Now, Prehrldy - about the federal prison, you can find a thread about it. Because I've read it. Also my pp is in Kansas and he has access to e-mail even though he's not in a federal prison.

I'm so glad to think my pps should receive my letters this week - and the "e-mail a prisoner" website is great for us, Europeans or when the postal service is on strike.
But I think that "handwriting + European stamps" add a personal touch to the relationship btw you and your pp ;)

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Some use corrlink,jpay,
Depends on the Unit if he/she is able to write emails.
My husband is locked up in TX I can send him emails but he can't.

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Yes it works, but read carefully what Gerri said, it goes out the 4th and 20th, so therefor today is the 20th , I dont know if its to late, and it wont got out today or if it will go the 4th, or if its okay and will go out today...

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How do you do the email to a federal prisoner

Federal inmates e-mail BOTH WAYS (They can see our email and send back an email) using

what states allow writing to a prisoner thru email

I know Kansas inmates can send and receive emails through Alot of states allow emails to be sent and they print them out and give them to the inmates. To see what services are offered you have to do a little detective work. Check the email services service map or the states web site or ask your pp or use a 3 rd party that sends it snail mail for you.

To see how the jpay email works for Kansas inmates please see the Kansas section of this forum.

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I have used it & it is way faster I do like it so does my hubby in jail it beats the reg mail system especially if there is an emergency there is a time schedule on the jpay site depending where u live at here it is if I sent it b-4 2:00pm central then he gets it the same day but in the prison its not sent till the rest of the mail is distributed on the same day jus usually late in the evening still it is on the same day & faster than the mail that takes sometimes 3 days 2 get there hope this helps u out

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I have used it and have received an answer in about a week, so yes it does work well. I am very pleased that the one person I wrote to wrote back, and she welcomed the opportunity to have a new penpal. Hope this helps you decide, because I believe this site works in good faith, --MErik

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Of all the prisoners i emailed using this i have like 6 replies now :D

So yes it does work ;)

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I just sent 3 emails today,1 to a guy who I have actually taken a liking too!

Lena Da Mota
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Haha Juliec92, me too yesterday he is kind of cute so hopefully he replies. It’s nice to be a pen pal. It’s my first time and I’m excited. 

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When you send inmates an email, do you receive your reply by email or by mail?

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BY mail. The emails are just printed and sent by WAP for initial contact.