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Cards and Fliks now banned by TDCJ?

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Cards and Fliks now banned by TDCJ?

Hi there,

My pal, who's at a TDCJ facility in Texas, is telling me that cards or any kind of construction paper are no longer permitted in letters. It also includes Fliks from Flikshop apparently.

I cannot find anything on this in the Offender Information Handbook or anywhere else. Have any of you heard about it?

The reason is supposed to be that some 'clever' folks have soaked the card/construction paper in drug solutions for offenders to use. I don't know how this would involve the Fliks that come straight from an outside 'vendor', though.

Any information on this would be welcome 


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Hi Dan, what is Fliks?  I can't send cards to several of my PPs, I think it's because cards can be put together as weapons or armor when wet and left to dry, or that's what I've been told what can happen with them.  I know it seems kind of silly but I guess someone did it to the point they had to change the mail rules.  

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Hi DanPal,

My PP in Texas recently told me the same thing about banning cards but like you, I can't see anything official about this. A card I recently sent him never got to him so I'm inclined to think this is the case and they just haven't updated anything on their website for this.

Hope that helps a tiny bit.

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I use to be able to send my husband plain, unadorned cards when he was in Ohio. They did away with all cards.  I don't believe I can send cards at the federal facility he's in now. 

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Hi LotusBlossom,

Fliks are cards sent through


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Hi Cat321,

Thank you for your reply. So I guess I wasn't dreaming  Too bad that we can't send cards anymore.

I still don't understand why the Fliks would be banned, unless. like LotusBlossom said, they can be fashioned into weapons.. I've been sending them for years, and I like the personal touch of choosing your own photos to send on the card.

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Hi Northernyank, I guess that's the trend apparently 

It's a pity, but there's nothing we can do about it.