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Christmas Cards for Prisoners

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Christmas Cards for Prisoners

Hey! I was thinking of sending a christmas card to some of the penpals in prison that I talk to. They`re almost all from Texas so I went to look up the letter regulations for the TDOC and it says "Offenders are allowed to receive mail from general correspondents on white paper. Mail received on colored, decorated, cardstock, construction, linen, or cotton paper will be denied. " Does that mean store-bought cards are not allowed and will be rejected? Does anyone have experience with sending greeting cards? Thank u so much! 

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Yes that's exactly what it means. Try printing off a nice card design from your printer on plain white paper. My boyfriend is in OH, I'm fortunate, they allow cards, but they have to be bi-fold, no cut outs or moving pieces. I have a PP in Michigan and they just changed the mail rules, every piece of mail is now copied and only the copies go to the inmate. 

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And it’s not just Texas and Michigan – the “no cards” thing is slowly becoming the norm, rather than the exception. A couple of workarounds:

If the jurisdiction allows incoming JPay messages (e.g. like Texas does), you can opt for one of their e-cards, basically photo attachments where the “photo” is an (exceptionally lame, IMHO) bit of graphic design that’s the closest you’re gonna get to a greeting card. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Or this: Texas allow photos, right? (check your local listings) Why not come up with an image of your own for that perfect yuletide tableaux? Mess around with your favorite graphic design or drawing app, or make something cool and festive and real, take a picture of it, and send it in!

Don’t let the rules get in your way. Get creative! Joy is an unstoppable force anyway…