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College Education for Prisioners - Information Wanted

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College Education for Prisioners - Information Wanted

I am new to this group. I have been writing to a prisioner in Florida through Prision Fellowship and it has been going on very good. He is really motivated to do some further studies and even has a Ph.D in his mind. I would like to give him some leads...
My questions are
1. Anybody in this forum knows about universities/ colleges that may have courses that prisioners can join?
2. Would they get financial aid?
3. How about correspondence or online courses that can get them degrees?

Please reply to this forum. I look forward to getting some replies of people who have experience in similar situations.

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Hello Wilboywonder,
Where are you? I need some help to help a friend of mine in Florida prison. He has a Master's Hotel Management. Got into prison till 2014. He is having a real turn around and wants to do a Ph.D. Can you help to get to some real Universities in Florida who may be helpful in helping him realize his dream....

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Hi prison_frnd,

Welcome to WAP! You'll really enjoy everyone here, and gain a lot of useful information on just everything.

I asked pretty much the same question.

Maybe doublecheck with Willboywonder.
I posted a question similiar to yours.

Scroll down to to post To Willboywonder and see if that is what you may need.

I know you'll enjoy it here!

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Unless you are a football coach, CET. :-)

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When searching for an on-line college, be sure they are not worthless diploma mills. Some claim to be accredited, but they are not. Some make up their own accrediting criteria. Check with the Department of Education. Employers check on where your degree(s) is from.

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Hey prison_frnd, I just thought I'd welcome you to wap. As for your question I'm on the other side of the world so I have no clue as to how a prisoner in the US would go about getting a collage education but I'm sure that you'll get a ton of replies from people who know whatthey are talking about in that department.

So welcome to WAP!!!

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