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Colorado JPay

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Colorado JPay

Hello, I may have missed the most current information but it is correct that Colorado prisoners can only write letters in the mail back to reply to Jpay messages 

and does anyone know if the picture print out quality is nice, or do they look at it on a kiosk 

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Correct. No kiosks either. And the pictures (and messages) are printed out hard copy on 8 1/2” x 11” bond paper. Most times in color, but that can vary by facility. As for photo quality, it’s what you’d get out of a xerox machine.

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My experience has been that picture attachments get printed in black and white. I have a PP at one of the facilities (CA, though) where JPay messages are printed out and there they have always been printed in black and white. It is rarer for facilities to go that extra mile of using color ink, I find. But first chance you get, ask your PP to be sure. I've always wondered at the picture quality myself, while figuring, knowing US prisons, it was probably not great.

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I know that at Colorado State Penitentiary and Limon Correctional Facility the pics are printed in color...but I cannot guarantee it is everywhere like that.

Regarding the quality...meh. All pics sent via Jpay are not super good quality, sometimes my pp says they come out blurry, especially if you write a lil text on it, maybe to explain the pic. So if I wanna send him a really nice pic I just use services like Pelipost to print those for me, or if you can, print em at home as you like.