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Coronavirus Spread in Prisons

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Coronavirus Spread in Prisons

This is an article from today's

It strikes home because this week I received word that one reason my MI pen pal won't be returning to his old facility (after being transferred out because of a riot there a couple months ago) is that there is an "infestation" of Covid in every prison in the area now, and his old unit, now rebuilt, is being used as an isolation infirmatory unit now housing hundreds of infected prisoners.  Positive cases are turning up in staff too, and there's still no effort to restrict officers to a single unit to avoid spread between units.  There seems to be no effort at controlling the spread at all, in fact most of the decisions made about how and whether to transfer prisoners around from place to place seem to be direct contributors to the spread of the virus within and betwween prisons.  

Of the three pen pals I write to regularly, two have already had Covid.

Yet, I hear that prisoners will be at the bottom of the list when it comes time to distribute vaccinations.  Not understanding the logic.

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I can talk about how CDCR (California) is dealing with Covid spread and oh boy! It's truly madness...
Covid is back in the yard in my pp facility and they still run program as usual, yard time, day room and so on...which to me is crazy and also my pp is saying cops aren't wearing masks. He wishes there were a lockdown to reduce the spread of the virus, and I mean it is mostly maximum security prison so lockdown is not a difficult thing to do! They all have been tested and many inmates (and also co's) are positive...the prison is in a remote area and back in March/April they managed to keep numbers low so the question is how is that possible that now they have so many cases??