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Death Row Penpal

2019 couldn't be more of a emotional roller-coaster already. I have just received word from my Texas penpal that he has waived all rights to appeal his execution.
Now I'm a little unclear as to what he is referring to when he mentioned "I do know that once the judge has given me a date I will have 90 days" then it jumps straight into what I am doing. Asking about my son etc.
90 days to appeal the execution date or 90 days before his execution? I'd rather not ask him to explain it?
Anyone with experience of death row?

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Hey Kate, I have a pen pal in Polunsky.  What your pen pal is referencing to, I believe, is the 90 day reprieve.  In 90 days, things happen like the governor may refuse to sign the death sentence, there may be something that causes a delay, sentences are sometimes commuted etc.  Hope your week goes well and is also filled with some good news.


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He's obviously in a very tough and dark place mentally if he has made such a choice. Waiving all rights to appeal has been done before, in Texas even, I remember in around 2008 or 2009 a guy made the headlines because he wrote a letter directly to the judge and was like "IF I CAN'T BE FREE THEN EXECUTE ME".... right there I've given you enough info that a quick Google search would confirm...anyways. 

In Texas, they set the date and they set it 90 days ahead of time so the inmate has that period of time to live, to allow them to make final preparations (witnesses to execution, what they want done with remains, where they want their property sent, etc.). By what he says, he has 90 days left to live before his execution in which he will possibly get reprieves as Athena has outlined above me. Anything can happen in 90 days, that's alot of time and just because he gets a date doesn't mean it will go through. I used to write a guy there who has survived 5 execution dates and I experienced his last one where he came within 2 hours before he got a stay, so things could happen to save him from such an outcome.

I'm sorry to hear your PP feels this way and has made such a heartbreaking choice. There are some who do that because they can't stand the conditions they are in any longer, and death will set them free. Death is not something they fear, because given the conditions, execution represents freedom from all that. I am so sorry Kate, I know this is tough news and I feel for you and your PP. All you can do is be there for him, he needs you now more than ever so be there with him until his end.