didnt know i could see crime. and other questions

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didnt know i could see crime. and other questions

hey, im very new to this site and concept, and are still trying to figure my way around it, so i have a few questions, sorry if they are dumb.


i had no idea that one could see the crime of the inmate, so i sent an email to this one guy, and later found out he did a crime that im very uncomfortable with, i easily feel bad and i dont want him to be happy with getting a letter, only to be rejected later, i feel mean, but im not comfrotable talking to the guy knowing the crime, or should i try and look past his crime and give it a shot? i know hes still a human, but i wouldnt be able to not think about the crime. im unsure what to do. sorry if this sounds dumb, i know i should have read the crime beforehand. 


also on some profiles it says listed on the profile " no". what does that mean? it clearly says they want someone to befriend them and send them letters, so im confused, wich leads me to the next question:

is it so that some only want mails or contact via jpay? im not sure how jpay works, and im having a hard time understanding it. would love some replies since im having a hard time understanding.


thx in advance!

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Hello, well, first things first, in my opinion, I honestly feel like you should give them a chance. Unless it is something you are VERY against. For example, I cannot associate myself with anybody who has ever harmed a child. Besides that, I can accept their crime. So honestly, it is all up to you. If they respond and you don’t want to correspond with them, simply tell them. Don’t just “not respond”. Try to let them down easy though. Okay, so JPay was confusing to me at first. If you email a prisoner from this website, it could take weeks for them to receive it, because this site only mails the emails out twice a month I believe. If you use JPay, they get your email within 48 hours. That is why many inmates say that they prefer JPay. Due to this reason, I chose to email them thru JPay. You have to create an account on JPay, and purchase “stamps”. You put in your inmate info (I believe it asks for name and inmate number), and it will give you options of what you can do. That is when you put “compose” email if you want to email them there. Also, many of them do not have access to the internet, so they will get a print out of your email. Make sure to put your land address in the body of the letter. If they cannot respond electronically, they will have to respond my mail. So far, only one of my pen pals can respond electronically (He is in Idaho) and the rest (whom are in Texas) respond to me thru mail. So it is very important to put your address in, just incase. Hope I cleared a few of your questions! (:


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JPay is like a very strict email site (where they throw customer service to the wind), it allows the prison staff to review all letters that get sent (from what i've seen there is a filter that picks up keywords and they get flagged for review before it gets passed on, though i think that some inmates have all their letters checked). I've been a little luckier then Lenn22 I have PP in New Jersy (has a tablet that he syncs to the kiosk) and Washington (has a tablet and wifi) that both have access to JPay to send and receive a message. If they have a tablet they can also get music, games and books, similar to what we do with our smart devices, though not connected what so ever to the rest of the world. Those without tablets just sit at the kiosk to type up their letters. Since I'm from Australia (2 weeks min for letters) and a tech-head I purposely was looking for someone able to converse electronically. we do send the occasional snail mail, but thats normally saved for photos and things my PP cant talk about though JPay since their outgoing is not reviewed (at those facilities anyway).

I did like the feature to see criminal records, though I also did basic google searches on possible PP as I was concerned I would end up with someone with a crime I couldn't forgive, basically just anything to do with children, anything else I decided that I would be able to ignore or hopefully accept they were a changed person. I also decided that one of the ways i would ensure my safety (incase i got a weirdo) was to pick a PP that was doing Life, so unable to leave prison and a big ocean, there would be no one i would be in personal danger. so far I've not had to rely on either of those and even find it frustrating in the case of my NJ PP that I'm unable to visit him as we have the closest relationship i've had with anyone in my life, though had I chosen different criteria I'm unsure i would have ever met him.

So both my PP have committed murder, the one I'm best friends with did 3. He has shared with me his side of the story and given the time it happened there is no information about it online, but I feel given his description they would have appeared very cold and harsh to the outside world. He explained what happened in his life to get to that point (and while the crime is bad and his history doesn't excuse the behaviour, I can really understand how he got there), accepts full responsibility and I see in all the things he has done to prevent ever being that person again. The other one is still very stuck in gang lifestyle so I'm unsure he will ever really change his life enough to not repeat. So what I'm saying is that the person now, may not always be the same person who committed the crime, so if it is something you can acknowledge and move on, don't let it hold you back from possibly making a wonderful new friend or helping to make a positive impact on someone's life.

If its not something you can look past, just send a polite letter saying sorry and you dont want to write anymore, cause if you are unable to look past it further down the track and they look forward to the little bit of outside you give to them, it will hurt them more if they have made a connection.

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also on some profiles it says listed on the profile " no". what does that mean?

No, no, that's not what it says. Look above that line. It's continued from the above line, so the whole line reads,

"Photo verified by No" (It might also say 'Yes,' in cases where the photo is verified)


But what it's saying is that that person's photo has not been verified by WriteAPrisoner. That's all that is.