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Do Prisons make copies of written letters to inmates?

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Hi Kruise, there’s a little more to it:

  1. I’ve found the typical drill for more and more places these days is to copy incoming mail, deliver the copy to the inmate, and destroy the original. This is a contraband interdiction move to keep K2 out of the facility. Not all places do this though, e.g., in other cases, the inmate gets the original. Note that some places have color copiers and some only do B&W. If your question is more about monitoring, yes, incoming communication of all types (phone, email, and snail mail) may be monitored. “May” is the operative term here. The truth is there’s just too much volume to monitor everything. If your question is about document retention by the facility, I can confirm several of my letters are in my bud’s permanent file and have been referred to investigators (regarding ongoing incompetence at the facility and some other things I won’t get into here). I’d expect it’s a question of correspondence vs. evidence.
  2. I don’t think the mail room cares at all if a letter is handwritten or printed off a computer. I’ve done both. No reported difference timewise. Keep in mind the mail room’s primary mandate is to keep contraband out of the facility. My best guess is it’s probably A) open the envelope, B) check for bad guy stuff, and then C) onto the next one in the stack.
  3. I include images inline with text all the time (keyboard guy here), magazine-layout style. The only times this has backfired on me has been at federal, high-security facilities, when a bud is in the SHU – where SHU time means no photos of any type. What happens there is the photos and/or letters with inline photos go directly to my bud’s property, to be retrieved later when SHU time is over. Of course, this defeats the purpose of sending a letter, so I avoid the magazine thing if one of my buds is in the SHU. For all other times though, I’ve found that illustrated letters have always been well received – the “picture’s worth 1000 words” thing.

Re: CorrLinks, I can confirm these messages are intercepted and disseminated – sometimes to inmates other than the recipient – either when the COs are trying to prevent an incident, or if they’re evil pieces of shit, to incite one.

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Do Prisons make copies of written letters to inmates?

Question 1:

Do Prisons make copies of written letters to inmates?

Question 2:

Does an computer printed letter get processed faster than a hand written letter?  Does it get to the inmate sooner?

Question 3:

If using a computer, can I include a picture printed on regular computer paper as part of the same page as the text?

Andif you're wondering, I have reasons for not going digitally with Corrlinks.