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You definitely have essay writing skills. I really liked it!

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I like it! This coming from a total failure of cyberspace dating. I would imagine men looking for women has a lot of fraudulent cliams, too.


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Good essay and "on target" observations. Personal ads can be a hoot. They are mostly about what they are looking for and almost never mention anything they have to offer anyone.

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Ah brilliant work once again. I hope she finds it as entertaining as I did. ;)

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[COLOR=blue]LOL I find it humorous,,, uncanny too,, human nature from the light side of it view,,, [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]I forget about Steven Hawkins ,, amazing man,,, they had a biography of his life not to long ago[I],,,[/I] recorded it ,,changed providers,, waiting to see it come on again,,this time I will back it up,, so never lost again,[/COLOR]

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This is completely and totally intended to be humorous...

I wrote it as a funny way to answer my pp's question on why I don't date. It pokes some fun at personal ads - women for men personal ads and so if you think you might be offended, please don't proceed (it's clean though) ...

Of course, my pen pal lives with 1229 women so I think she will not be so offended... I am hoping she will pee herself. :D

There is an unabashed sense of entitlement that runs rampant throughout our society today and nowhere is this tendency more poignantly illustrated than in the w4m personals. Candidly, I refer to them as ‘The Comics’ and they have been a never-ending source of amusement for me. For years I have perused these ads, gleefully sharing snippets and laughter with friends and family. For all the joy, laughter and escape they have provided me with over the years, I’ve decided to give a little back in the way of advice for you w4m personal ad writers.

1. You are NOT a princess, queen or a goddess. Really. I know you say that you want a relationship between equals but how can I possible be on equal terms with royalty or deities? For what it’s worth, princesses were often forced into relationships against their will, for the good of someone other than themselves.
2. Claiming intelligence is not intelligent; intelligence is relative. Telling me that your friends think that you’re intelligent doesn’t actually tell me anything unless I know your friends. For instance, if your friends are members of the Special Olympic Debate Team, they can think you’re pretty smart and you can still be a moron. On the other hand, if your friends are Steven Hawkins and Marilyn vos Savant, then that’s a pretty good indication of some high quality gray matter.
3. If you are going to insist on telling us that you are intelligent in spite of the above explanation, be sure to spell entelijent correctly.
4. “Tired of little boys, looking for a man. Must be under 25 years old.” If you don’t see the humor and what is tragically wrong with that statement, please just say, “Looking for someone who can beat me at Nintendo.”
5. “Are you man enough to handle me?” In a word, “No” In what Universe do you think challenging my manhood before we’ve ever met is the recipe for a successful long-term relationship?
6. If you are looking for a man who makes over $100,000/yr and has a college degree but you only make $25,000 a year and your education does not exceed a high school diploma, not only am I not interested in you… but do you realize that even you wouldn’t date yourself?
7. I am not afraid of strong independent women. I am put off by rude, pushy, obnoxious people, who defend their selfishness by claiming strong and independent status. Here’s a tip: True strength doesn’t need self-promotion.
8. Right after you give the laundry list of characteristics the lucky gentleman is supposed to possess: loyal, trustworthy, good listener, good provider, must like kids and animals, artist, likes housework, romantic, etc., don’t forget to tell him what you plan on bringing to the table. Or was your silence on the matter meaningful?
9. You like Monday night football, working on restoring that old ’67 Shelby in your garage, drinking beer and then writing your name in the snow – really, you can do it… watch… I’ve got guy friends, thanks; I was looking for a girlfriend.
10. “My kids come first.” Really? You thought this was necessary to point out? Either you think of this as something optional, in which case I don’t want to talk to you – or you are looking for a guy that needs to hear this, in which case you don’t want to talk to me.


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