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Fun question

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Fun question

I know people are worried over the craziness going on so let try have some fun? If you could self isolate with a celebrity who would it be? And if you had to pick one for your penpal/love one who would it be? 

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For me, probably a genius from antiquity, and a translator.

For my buds, their favorite conjugal fantasy!!! Hey, if the world’s coming to an end…


But of course, it isn’t. Stay safe everyone!

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No ones going to know who my isolation "celebrity" is but for me, it'd be Tom Scott, he's the main guy in my favourite NZ rap groups (Home Brew, @Peace & Average Rap Band) 

For my PP I think he's going to want to grill the brain of his favourite author, who's a bit of a hermit now and doesn't do any more press or promotion of his books, Gregory David Roberts, author of "Shantaram". 

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I'm pretty happy with my isolation crew here but if I invited over a celebrity it would Chuck Norris because he would kick the virus' butt, haha.

As for my PPs I'd pick me, I'm obviously their favorite.  Just kidding!  I know they'd love to spend time with the charming Blake Lively or Megan Fox or one of their favorite movie stars!

and yes!!  We'll survive this virus yet, people survived the Spanish Flu and kept on going.  Life, uh, finds a way.

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I'd choose my husband obviously to spend isolation with me. On any given day I would love to hang out with a celebrity but um, well if he's getting time on the outside, we're not leaving the bedroom. 

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(Romance noises from the audience)

How's your Mister doing, Northern?  I hope you're still getting extra calls!  I've been getting a lot of calls from pals and absolutely loving it.  More and more states are offering free ones, yay.