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I have done a personal study after being scammed last year by a "Gay" prisoner. After going through that ordeal I learned a lot and wanted to see if there truly was any genuine gay men. While I'm sure there are I'm here to tell you all that I have taken it upon myself to write numerous "Gay" inmates in KY at the same time just to see if the scams correlated and they DO! All you should do honestly before writing a guy is Facebook search them. You will more than likely find out they are not gay and usually have kids and baby mamas waiting for them on the outside. GAY FOR THE STAY AND STRAIGHT AT THE GATE! DON'T BE FOOLED. FOOL THEM AND DON'T WRITE ANY OF THESE GAY PRISONERS. ESPECIALLY IN KENTUCKY. I've tried a few inmates from other states and It's a similar scam but IT'S VERY CONCENTRATED IN KENTUCKY. THE INMATES KNOW THEY CAN PREY ON THE GAYS SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND JUST STICK TO DATING IN THE FREE WORLD. THESE GUYS ARE INCARCERATED FOR A REASON! LET THEM PAY THEIR DUES TO SOCIETY! AND IF YOU DECIDE TO GO AHEAD AND WRITE SOMEONE ANYWAYS. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND DEFINATELY SEARCH THEM ON FACEBOOK!!!! AND THEY WILL SAY THEY DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR FOOD AND ALL KIND OF SOB STORIES TO GET $$ LOL PLEASE DONT BE STUPID !

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I don't know why anyone would turn to WriteAPrisoner to date.    2ndly:  why would you send money?  There are no prison inmates without sustenance from the state while they are guests at the facility.  There's a saying "Fool me once shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me."  Just use your common sense and don't look to an inmate to have a serious romantic reltionship with.  There are millions of  candidates in the free world.  Why start out on shaky ground?

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Hey, Shawno92 !

I did the same mistake ; wrote to a couple of "gay" inmates, as I'd much rather correspond with gay than straight men, but, thankfully, none of them replied (perhaps due to the fact that I'm in Europe and they thought it would be complicated to ask for money ?). 

The only guy who replied is the only straight guy I wrote to and is very nice.

Kelray, it's not about dating... Writing to women doesn't really interest me and I would rather correspond with gay guys with whom I can share some things ; but since I've wasted so much time writing to "gay" prisoners, I will be choosing straight guys from now on.