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how long does it usually take to get a response from your inmate?

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how long does it usually take to get a response from your inmate?

i was just wondering about how long it takes for you guys to get letters back from your ppp's. i recently bought a po box and was trying to figure out how often i should check it.

let me know!

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Yeah its the same for me, its about 5-7 days either way so the UK really does have snail mail. Grrrrr.

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My fav pp and I have one day turn around for mail. So the letter I mail this morning he will be reading before lunch tomorrow and vice versa.

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2 weeks minimum. But then I am in the UK - I'm assuming you are in America?

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Ah good question now that all depends on when the good old mail room decides they are going to deliver the letter when i write it takes about two weeks to get a responce to the letter i wrote it gets really confusing i may be answering one he wrote a week before and so on so its like a puzzle trying to figure out what each other is talking about sometimes!

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CET;858675 wrote:
YOU ASKED, "How long does it take to get a response from your PP.
ANSWER, About three kisses;) Damn, this forum is getting boring lately. Some of you lurkers had better get out of the bushes and start posting so I can become a lurker. :rolleyes:

LOL....Come out come out wherever you are.......

Answer to your question depends on a lot of things, distance, when he writes???

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well, the guy im writing to just got moved to another prison so yea its taking alot longer than it usually does it used to be 5 days but now that he has moved its 2 weeks or more :(

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My pp is in Nevada & I am in New Zealand so it takes 7 days each way for mail and over Christmas it slowed right down, the longest being 23 days !!!!
so our mail crosses over all the time so I look forward to meeting him one day and holding a conversation


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Depends where he is located. Mines is located in the same state Ilive so its about 3 the most 4 days.

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Mine is 6 states away and I get a letter in 3 days from the day he mails it.

Happy writing!!! :)

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YOU ASKED, "How long does it take to get a response from your PP.
ANSWER, About three kisses;) Damn, this forum is getting boring lately. Some of you lurkers had better get out of the bushes and start posting so I can become a lurker. :rolleyes:

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I receive a letter four days after he mailed it - and I'm overseas :) It takes at least six days for him to receive my letter, but that depends how fast the people at the mailroom are working :)

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I had a question about this. I have 2 penpals I wrote through jpay they both sent a regular letter so I wrote back to them last month on the 17th. I'm in Texas. One is in Oregon and the other is in Virginia have not heard anything back from both. I just sent them both a letter yesterday to see how they are so should I wait or just let that go and move on?

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Hi Brian, I would wait a little longer.  Inmates sometimes get moved, so they can’t write back right away, as they are getting settled into a new place.  Lockdown also slows down the mail considerably.  Or they might have a cold and not want to write while feeling ill.  Sometimes mail can just be running behind.  Sometimes there would be a 3 day turn around with mail, lately there’s been a week or so due to my pp’s facility on lockdown.  This also means sometimes they can’t get into their store on the premises and purchase stamps right away.

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So my girlfriend is in prison about 3 hours away from home. She sent 3 letters out to me, her daughter and mom about 3 weeks ago. None of us have got them yet. Another friend of mine is at the same prison and sent me a letter and I got it 4 days later. What could be going on? 

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  • There's a couple of things...
  • The mail could just be going slow, sometimes there is a hitch with USPS, give them a call first and see if they've had any mail delays.
  • Three weeks ago a whole bunch of people would have been sending out mail for Memorial Day. Public holidays have a way of slowing mail down.
  • For whatever reason, a person could have flagged something as contraband, your whole letter could have been rejected rather than clearing the contraband and moving on.
  • There has been an overload of mail at the prison and your mail is stuck in it.

I would say you're best to wait another week and then chase the prison for the mail; up to 28 days or so. You could ring them, but you may not get a clear answer with them over the phone. But just try ringing USPS or your local post office first and asking questions there. Without a tracking number though they can look up your mail, but may not be able to give you any clarification at what point it went missing either.

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Hiya I’m just wondering has anybody from the uk used jmail to contact an inmate in the states? I was just wondering how long it usually takes to get mail back as I sent my mail on the 14th November so I’m confused as to why it’s taking so long as jmail say they send mail out straight away. 

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It's the season. Over the holidays mail's always slowing down.

Gemmak1990's picture

Thank you for your response Kristen, I just wasn’t sure wether jmail was legit or not, with it being the first time using it. 

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I use JMail to send letters since I'm in Australia and my pp gets them in around 3-4 days. I get his letters in 3-6 days... 

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What if I sent an email from JPay? I'm kind of curious because I didn't put a return address in the actual email but I assumed it might've put it somewhere in the letter? Am I right? 

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You have to put your address in the letter itself using Jpay or else they can't right you back!

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Autumn, when you preview your JPay, this is exactly how it looks when they get it. So, you can see it'll have your name at the top, but not your address. So, you need to always include your address until they tell you otherwise (they've written it down or can just remember it).

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I've never had to put my address with my mail when I use JPay. My guy in Nebraska has me on his contact list so can email me or reply to my messages I am in the uk by the way up to now we have been very lucky and got our mail from each other the day after (he messaged me friday at midday and in got it 10pm uk time saturday) but I have emailed him this morning and he has already got it yet alot of people say Jpay can have a delay if sent at the weekend as there are limited or no staff vetting them. With regard to snail mail it can take 4 weeks from me sending a letter to receiving his reply. I guess that isn't a bad turn around I have heard people wait a lot longer. I do write snail mail aloe more to him than he does to me as I am sending cards etc bjy that is my choice

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Ahh brill thank you huni. Have ever tried to use connect network to keep intouch? I’m finding it an absolute nightmare. It lets me sign up and verifies my details but when I try to log in there’s always an error 

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No I've not tried connect network due to what seems to he a ton of issues getting an account and it working properly - with be being in the UK. It suits me and my guy with JPay and snail mail and he has my phone number too - but phone calls are a random weekend thing due to the time differance and my working hours some times I won't get a phone call as I have always said his scheduled visits are a must over me so he will send me super long or multiple messages timed late at night or super early.

Heather Hill
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Hi I’m new to all this , so have a couple of questions . I’m in the U.K and have just started writing to someone . Naively I hadn’t realised they had to pay for their own stamps and it’s a stamp per page , is that correct ? Obviously I don’t want my PP to have to fork out of his budget to write to me, especially being so far away,it would cost him a small fortune  . Does anyone know the easiest way ( without using jpay etc ) to send money for stamps ? In the UK we use postal orders , but not sure if they would be valid in the U.S  However, if Jpay is the way to go, then that’s what I’ll  do, although it was really lovely getting a handwritten letter, as it felt a bit more personal. 

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I hate the term " your inmate "

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Hi heather, I’m fairly new to this as well and I had no idea they had to pay for their own stamps, the person I’ve been speaking with has never mentioned having to pay for stamps or stamps per page etc maybe different prisons have different rules. But if that’s the case then I would recommend JPay I’m not sure there’s really any other option with you being from the uk, there are a couple other sites such as gtl and connect network but they are an absolute nightmare to get working over here

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Awful isn’t it, makes them sound like pets 

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I read your article. I have many different learned about your website. I've got a lot to learn. Keep it up. There is a corresponding website in Pakistan for contacting each other. Making it easier to touch your ups. I've seen this site a few days ago. You will find out too.

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I'm new to all this but I've heard a lot of people saying about jpay, what is exactly?

RayRay1017's picture

I'm new to all this but I've heard a lot of people saying about jpay, what is exactly?

RayRay1017's picture

sorry I'm not sure why that posted twice

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@RayRay Jpay is an institutional email service (app), where people from the outside can email people incarcerated, provided their institution has it, and where your pen-pal can email you back. It operates the same as mail, as you need to purchase stamps in order to send a message, same for your pen-pal.

Here's the link for the site, but it works best (I've found) as an app on your phone versus on your computer.

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Gemma, I've been trying to find somewhere I can dm you regarding contact a PP. You seem pretty new to this so am looking for a little bit of help as I dont know if I am doing this correct or not.

Gemmak1990's picture

Hi toony I don't think there is a way to dm on here, my email address is gemmaknighton1990 [at] outlook [dot] com feel free to email if you need any help 

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I'm sorry to all those people I told that international mail usually comes in 5-10 days. I just got a letter today (the 16th Jan - hello from the future) that's dated the 23rd December! Holiday mail *eye roll* but so happy to hear from him and that I hadn't pissed him off haha

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I only got a letter from one PP last week that was dated Dec 12! I didn't get any mail over the holiday period, only some just before. Got two letters last week and then yesterday three letters came in one day. Since no mail on weekend, nice to have received three just before. :-) At least mail is moving along better now.

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Oh man, the holidays really slow everything down, I should mention too that I wrote the letter at the end of November, he didn't get until December and I got the reply in January *smh* 

Ohh that's nice to have a big influx of letters, even if they are really late :/

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Hi, does anyone know if you still have to include your address if you use JPay?? Or does it already input your address for you as I automatically saw mine at the top? I'm finding it all a little confusing! 

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Hey guys I have a question. When an inmate calls me from a us prison to a uk mobile will the call be charged to my phone bill. Thanks 

VioletGrey's picture

Depends if they call you collect. If they're calling collect then you'll foot the bill. If they're not calling collect then it shouldn't affect your bill. It will cost your PP a lot of $$ to call a UK mobile though. 

Gemmak1990's picture

Thank you so much for your response, I've set up a cellphone docks account so when he calls it's prepaid my end. Also I'm not sure if any of you have ever used the gtlvisitme thing but I have my first visit set up and when it states the time 8:30am for the visit I assume that's US time 

Bubbles83's picture

Hey! Has the cellphones rocks acct worked? And has your pp managed to call you? Because iv tried to do it but it says i cant do it im uk also! I assume that 8.30 would be us time not our time :) 

Gemmak1990's picture

Hey, I've only just sent the number to him to add to his list so haven't received a phone call yet but they let me set up the account and took the payment for the prepaid calls so I'm hoping it works 

Bubbles83's picture

Ahh ok cool! Well hopefully it works for you :) 

Gemmak1990's picture

Thank you. Depending on the pp facility there's a thing called gtlvisitme, set up an account and you can have video chats 


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Dammm that's hilrious " Lurkers " .:. Love it @silverparrot

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I wrote my first email/online message a month ago with no responce. I live in the UK so if messages are taking this long, I wonder how long physical letters would actually take. I didn't realise it's normally a week or so on average for a reply?!