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The importance of saying goodbye

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The importance of saying goodbye

This thread definitely isn't to bash anyone who has to go suddenly, or has some serious life changes, or needs to take a break from their pen pals but -

Last night, my PP and I had a really good conversation.  When he first joined WAP he got a good bit of mail.  People fell off, which he figured would happen, and after 8 months he only had me and one other PP left.  He asked to have his profile taken down because it was stressing him out, he really wanted people who would stick around.  Some people would write, but have so many other PPs and get overwhelmed and quit, or get just busy and my PP understands people have lives that are so different from the way it is in prison.  He feels very grateful to people writing in, and knows it's not a contract of friendship, but he wishes there was some way he could help people who write understand prisoners take it hard when PPs write for a couple months, get bored, or decide it's a bad idea and ditch them.  Even a quick note saying "hey I'm sorry, life is crazy rn, I need a break" is so welcomed.  I know some PPs rekindle their friendship down the line and this is awesome too.  The fact so many of you hold your PPs dear means a lot!  So for new writers, it's okay if it doesn't work out or you get busy, or have concerns, it's not the right friendship for you, etc, you are only human and have to do what is best for you, but a heads up saves your PP so much worry.

Please feel free to add anything to my thread if I've missed something or you have a viewpoint on this matter than might help new writers.

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Good advice but unfortunately being in prison having people fall off is not uncommon, lotus is right not ever relationship is gonna work nothing to be ashamed about. And maybe talking it through might help them in other relationships too.