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Include Email in jpay Message?

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Include Email in jpay Message?

Hello everyone

I want to send my first jpay message today. Do I have to enter my email address in the message so that my penpal can reply? or is there a reply button that he can reply to me? I know that he can send jpay messages.

I know a lot of questions at the moment, but this is my first experience with inmate penpals.

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Even in my snail mail letters I include my email address at the top of the letter just in case. You might as well add it too - just in case.

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Yes, dear Even when I post my first message at Jpay I have to enter my e mail address to it, because some times these platform is not working or go to maintainace mode that is why if we added our e mail address than the user can easily do reply to us via sending an e-mail. This info has been shared by an expertise in essay writing from While we worked together and used Jpay Platform to discuss about the project. That was the first time I used Jpay, so he guide me that how and what we can do via using this platform. Hope this information helps you and you can easily use this platform.

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I’ve never included my email and have always had a reply.

They reply via JPay, your email is completely separate.

Kathryn Emma
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No you don't need to include your email address. Your name only will appear on their contact list. They can cluck on your name or just reply to your message.

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I have never included my email address in any type of correspondence because they do not have access to the Internet. They have access to a kiosk or a tablet that allows them to send a message back via the jpay platform and onlt via this method (or other facility approved platform).
If you are receiving an email directly from your penpal then you are effectively encouraging an "around the rules" communication.