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Does anyone send thier LO or penpal a magazine subscription?
I currently have one for my Michigan penpal renewed on his birthday and another for my Colorado penpal.
Again for his birthday however the Colorado inmate hasn't been receiving his since January because the company have failed to include his identification number. So I have rectified this by contacting the magazine and asking they ensure this happens. Two separate emails were sent out and I have made a phone call. I'm annoyed.
So my question is where else can you purchase magazines from? As this is through Amazon and I just feel I am not receiving a good service through thier company as the past year has been riddled with issues for my Colorado penpal. (book not turning up too).

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I don't have any current subscriptions being sent out, but in the past I have sent out a few magazines, all from Amazon. I've sent out a subscription to National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. Both of them started off without a hitch, though after renewing one of them Amazon decided to put my information instead of my penpals information on the 'deliver to' portion of the magazine. This started quite a bit of a headache on his end as they were constantly telling him to fix it. All the information showed correct on my Amazon online account. I never called the issue in because he got transferred to a different unit while this was going on. 

I had the National Geographic subscription sent to myself at the same time I had it sent to my penpal. That was very fun since we received the same issue and gave us more things to talk about. 

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Lol well guitar world really isn't for me. I subscribe to it for my penpal because he plays guitar in his facilities band. I am under the impression that it has music for him to play so it's good for him.
I like the idea the idea of sharing a magazine I just wouldn't know which to choose.