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No luck with PP

Hey guys,

I live in Austria/Europe and my primary thought about joining WriteAPrisoner was to find somebody to write with a lighten up there day. Give them a possiblity to talk to someone on the outside about all kinds of topics. I can imagine being able to write with someone you do not personally know might even be nicer then sharing your thoughts with the people you spend your whole day with. Anyway, I wrote about 12 people and only got 2 anwers. One of them was threw snail mail and he only wrote once and the secound one writes with me over corrlinks where I have an account. Which is really practical because I´m overseas. Afters I refused to send money, he didn´t write back alot more.

Do you guys have any tipps how to find a PP what just wants to write back and forth for the sake of it. Just looking for someone who would have appreciation for a PP that takes the time to write with them and has corrlinks.

How did you find your PP?

Best regards,




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  • How much time has passed since you sent your letters? Did you send them through snail-mail, or the e-mail forward function?
  • Which criteria have you used for choosing your penpals? I was not very selective, so I got few answers too.
  • Did you pay attention if they were willing international penpals? Not all prisoners want to correspond overseas.
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@nderson: The snail mail one is about 6 months ago and I wrote an email to the rest.

I did look into the criteria of who they want to write with. 


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Hi Hubert, I found my pen pals by searching for ones who were writers, artists, and creative types of people.  Some pen pals were interested in the outdoors and pets, as am I.  Maybe widen your selection a bit, you never know, try writing to several more pen pals.  Also some inmates get moved around and end up getting letters months after they were sent!  Best of luck to you!

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I know of a guy who really wants to write to someone. My PP introduced me to him and got me to help him re-draft his ad on here (he's not changed it yet lol - not my fault!) :) From what I can tell he just wants someone to chat to. If you do write to him, you can mention me :P


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Look in the profiles for individuals who are studying/working.
Look for those who mention artwork/crafts/reading for passing thier time.
I find those individuals who can pass thier time effectively are those who are engaged with being a productive individual.
These are the individuals that are more then likely to respond.
It also helps if they have Jpay/corrlinks/Gettingout because then they don't have to pay high postage costs for international mail. Be sure to only select individuals willing to correspond over seas too.
It may just be that the mail is taking longer to reach some individuals. That depending on the content of your own letter may struggle to write back.
Ensure to include jokes/questions/quotes as these all provide something to talk about. Maybe two or three questions. Don't overdo the first letter. Mine tend to be one A4 page, give a little and they might be curious enough to write back.

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Most inmates prefer to have the opposite sex write them, since they are constantly surrounded by their own sex day-in, day-out.

I have spent a lot of time selecting who I write to, and even then have had quite mixed results.  About a 35% success ratio (penpals that became long-term etc).

You have to sift through a lot of shit to find the gold - but it's worth it!

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"It also helps if they have Jpay/corrlinks/Gettingout because then they don't have to pay high postage costs for international mail."

Why? Because it's cheaper for them, or because they expect for us to pay for their replies?

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JPay is cheaper for inmates to write people in other countries, it's only one stamp or whatever, whereas writing to Europe in snail mail will cost them more.

Writing 12 people and only getting 2 responses, that's interesting. Could be any number of factors, but as others have mentioned, you're likely not going to find last connections with many that you write, the trick is to find a couple that are good. I've written for almost 8 years and it's just now that I have 2 lasting friendships for sure and are developing 2 others. I've had to sift through alot of odd stuff to get here. Interestingly enough, 3 of the 4 I have currently are from TV, my closest one I found him on WAP almost 5 years ago.

That opposite sex thing is very true, particularly with men, but that said I write both men and women as a female myself... but maybe you should try writing to women and have a better success rate? I'm curious to know what you share in your introduction letters, because what you talk about in that first letter makes a strong impression on them to either want to connect with you or not!

Keep writing and eventually you'll find someone! It takes awhile sometimes but it is worth it!

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@anderson cheaper for them. But cheaper for me too. I mix up my mail through using these systems and snailmail, given the cost to me to send overseas. It's just smart to utilise all that is available.
I don't routinely add a prepaid stamp to my jpay letters. I have done for one lately due to circumstances outwith our control but he has always managed before this hiccup.
Getting out you can't pay for thier postage they purchase it themselves but saves them using 3 forever stamps to get mail over to the UK.
Corrlinks same as getting out doesn't have the option of a prepaid reply.
Are you expected to pay for your penpals replies?
I have always assumed that penpals who are willing to correspond with those overseas have the finances/resources to do so without sponging off the other party. If they can not afford it they shouldn't request international penpals.

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"Getting out you can't pay for thier postage they purchase it themselves but saves them using 3 forever stamps to get mail over to the UK."

So they don't have to pay for GettingOut?


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No they do pay for using Gettingout/Jpay/Corrlinks. But I think its cheaper for then sending snailmail overseas. I'm not overly sure what they pay for using these systems either and I'm pretty sure it's not what we pay ourselves. I could be wrong in that assumption.

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My PP told me he can send me mail overseas for free. But maybe that's just because of the State he's in

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I feel where you are coming from. I recently wrote a young Lady who has s profile here at WAP and no response whatsoever. I am always very respectful so who knows why. I guess maybe she has changed her mind about the pen-pal thing or maybe ran into so many weirdos she just gave up. ( I hear the young, pretty ones tend to get a lot of weirdos )

I never went with the advice about writing a lot of inmates. If your like me, its a certain 1 or 2 that you want to know rather than just writing anyone for the sake of writing an inmate.

Still 2 out of 12 is really bad luck. I feel the disappointment. I am 0 for 1 on this site and it was very disappointing. I would say just keep trying until you get a hit.

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I just wanted to add sometimes people in prison get very depressed and can’t reply right away like we’re all used to, it’s so isolating and they’re away from their families, sometimes people with depression go into long periods of silence.  So I honestly hope people don’t take it personally if the pen pal doesn’t write back, a lot of the time the other party has heavy stuff going on.  It’s best to keep on trying, with all the people on the site odds are you WILL find a pen pal!