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PP wants to put a tattoo on himself that reminds him of me

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PP wants to put a tattoo on himself that reminds him of me

Hey everyone, this is my first time starting a topic and English isn't my first language, so please be kind. I've been talking to someone in Virginia for a while and he is a really sweet person with a unique sense of humor, we get along pretty well. He hasn't done anything wrong to me and he is a kind person. I'm not considering any romantic relationship, just for the record.
He is one of that guys that puts tattoos on inmates. Yesterday he told me if I will draw something up and take a picture of it and email it to him, something that is meaningful to me, and he will tattoo it on himself. And that would be his way of keeping with me with him all the time.
I'd say I was surprised by that and I really don't know how to feel about it, because, I mean, first, he knows me for like 2 weeks, and second, we never actually met so how does he trust me enough to put a tattoo on himself about me? I mean of course that is sweet of him but is this normal?
Also I'm pretty bad at drawing, he told me not to worry about drawing skills but still... And I don't really know what to send him, if I ever will do that.
So, did something like this ever happened to you? How should I feel about this? Also any tattoo recommendations? LOL
Thank you.

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Hi Butterfliesss, my PP is a tattoo artist too. We started a romantic relationship and about 8 months in, I surprised him by getting a tattoo for him on my body. I don't know if he has anything that's to remind him of me on himself but there's not much room to begin with haha. 
As for your situation, only do what you feel comfortable with. If you don't want to draw anything, then say it's not for you and you'd rather wait until divine inspiration strikes :) 

You can't really choose what anyone else does with their body, and I imagine it would have been a bit awkward if I had gotten the tattoo and he didn't like it or wasn't in the same frame of mind about our relationship. But, that's not the case with me. 

Trust your gut as well, you've only been talking a short time so my gut would be saying it's too soon for that kind of thing but being kind in my apprehensive refusal. And as for recommendations, a butterfly perhaps? :) 


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Hey butterfliesss, first, your English is awesome, and second, I wouldn’t dare tell anyone how to feel about anything. That said, this very thing happened to me, and that said, I took it as a tremendous honor.

Art and drawing are so subjective – an eye of the beholder thing – that I can’t give you any pointers on what to draw, so, how ‘bout this: is there a phrase or quote in your native language that could be meaningful, as a tattoo? Grab a thick pen, write this in your own handwriting, and send it in.

Feel free to reject the idea, but let me tell you, my bud has a portrait of li’l ol’ me with my favorite quote from the ancients below, in my own handwriting, like I went after him with a sharpie* or something. Mind blown for all time!!!


*a brand of magic marker here in the U.S.

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I'm sorry, but no, I would not encourage or enable this. I would not enable what appears very clearly to be impulsivity. As you said, he has only known you for around two weeks. This is nice, but it is too much; it is not typical to get a permanent, honorific tattoo to forever remind you of a person you have only known for around two weeks. I would gently ask (him) that we allow ourselves to get to know each other better first, for a little longer, as a tattoo is far too permanent and meaningful a thing for me to feel comfortable engaging in something like this so soon, but that I am very flattered and touched nonetheless.

To be honest, this is... Yes, strange. This is all moving far too fast and, more than flattered, there's cause to be discerning/cautious here. Take prison out of the equation—how would you look at this situation differently where it happening with someone you'd met on the street, who you'd known only for that short amount of time?

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Hello, I call RebecaI think two weeks is a little early , You two know each other . I think you should ask to wait and be a little attentive, tattooing is something that is forever so it has to be done with caution. But if you quer fazer , desenho algo específico que marcou os dois ou que ele lembre vc.

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Sorry, correction b/c it's bothering me*

how would you look at this situation differently were it happening with someone you'd met on the street[...]

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Hm.  It IS flattering to have someone want to permanently ink their body with a memento of you.  It is also VERY soon to be thinking about that after only two weeks.  However, let me point out that not everyone has the same attitude towards tattoos.  Some people undertake them very casually, and there's a difference between someone tattooing your name across their otherwise bare collarbones so they can see it in the mirror every day, and someone putting a little butterfly on the single remaining bare patch of skin left on their ankle.  So it really depends on the situation here.  If he's a tattoo artist, he's likely got quite a few tats already.  Maybe he is also just making conversation, and looking for inspiration for the next tatto, which he is thinking would be linked to you.  If he's an artist, too, I'm sure he'll modify whatever design you send him to fit the canvas, so to speak, and just use it as inspiration in the creative process.  He may not be about to do it right away.  He could be half-kidding.  He could be waiting to see your reaction.  Me, I would be a little honored, a little puzzled, and I would throw him back some nice meaningful design ideas if that's what he wants and see what he does with it.

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Thank you so much everyone! I really wasn't expecting to have so many helpful comments like that. I appreciate every single one of the comments.