Sending Gifts? and looking for new penpals

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Sending Gifts? and looking for new penpals


  I do a lot of cross stitching and was wondering if this is something I could send an inmate as a gift?  For example their relighious and I make a nice cross or  they love dogs and I make a dog.  Is this something thats allowed?  The items are aida cloth and String Floss.  I do not know if prison would consider this a risk and the string could technically be pulled out of the cloth and turned into a weapon maybe?  I have no idea how any of this works as I am very new to this but want to make peoples lives a little better if I can.


  Also looking for new penpals.  Prefferably in prison for life but if the crime is not to 'scary' I will penpal for those who will be released one day.

All advised welcomed and if you want to make a request for a friend/family member and their allowed a gift let me know and we can discuss what I can make.  Even if their not a penpal.

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Hey girl! Welcome to the forum! I cross stitch too so hello! I’ve been doing some research into this, and it kind of looks like it’s not possible to send stuff like that. But each facility might be different. Like some will allow children’s drawing, others won’t. Your best bet is to actually calll or check with the facility that your pen pal is at.

Also take your time with choosing a pen pal, make sure you do all your preliminary research so you’re sure you’re okay with their background and make sure you set up boundaries right from the get go! It makes things easier and you’re less likely to be scammed, in my opinion! Trust your gut always and in your pals and not in others lol! I think the best pen pals are the ones that we’re drawn to the most even if there isn’t an explicable reason why!

Good luck and happy writing and don’t hesitate to ask if you’ve got any questions! 

Cleo x


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Thanks for the info!  Kind of sad to hear Cross stitching wont be allowed, but I had a feeling.  The advise is good.  Will look into penpals and such and be cautious

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The person I write to does crotchet, in the federal system they can buy crochet needles as part of their arts and craft. While you can't send anything in, you can send them money to buy needles and yarn, or you could buy them a book on how to do it while explaining the process of how to do it.

There was someone here a while ago wanting tips to teach someone how to do crochet, cross stitching and sewing, but nothing much ever came of it. Perhaps you can take up the idea and show people how to do it and send them information sheets on how to learn.

You could send print outs or stuff for beginners on how to learn. As they say, teach a person to fish and feed them for a life time.