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Stimulus Information

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Stimulus Information

Hello everyone! 

I know I may be a tad late on asking this, but would an inmate who is released be eligible for the stimulus check? I've heard that many people were able to get it on the inside, but even when I research it I get conflicting information. They sure don't make it easy, huh?! My friend (turned boyfriend) got out this year and I would just like to ask. 


Thank you :) 

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I would think so, yes.  He'd be eligible.  If he's a US citizen, he's eligible even if he's behind bars, so now that he's been released, I would say most definitely, he should be eligible.  He can easily look that up online, tell him to look on the IRS website for links to find the info on the stimulus payments and his own IRS account status.

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Hey Bugsbunny, what Mjuran said. Now, if your bf hasn’t filed a tax return in a while, or if he doesn’t have any credit-agency-reportable debt, he’s probably not in the IRS’ address records. Being in those records is how they would know where to send stimulus checks (or deliver these via direct deposit to a bank account when one is provided). So, it’s a matter of getting one’s current address (and bank account info, optional) to the IRS.

Up until May 17th of this year, the way to do this was to file a 2020 tax return, and if one didn’t get the initial $1800 stimulus, claiming the recovery rebate credit on that return. This also got one’s name/address into the system for the subsequent $1400. BUT, May 17th was the filing deadline this year, so, already gone. I’m not sure how one would get this going now. My best advice is to pop into a place like H&R Block, or Jackson-Hewitt, or any other tax preparation service, and ask.

Whether or when your bf was incarcerated should make no difference in his eligibility. Good luck!