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Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18

Must read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy and be at least 18


Hello! My PP is going to be getting video visitation soon, they are doing trial runs at his prison in the next week then I think we'll be able to apply to schedule a visit. He is my first and only PP so I'm learning as I go with him. Can somebody please let me know the gist of how video visitation works? Cost? Rules? Frequency? Any info would be appreciated!! Thank you!

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I am sorry you're experiencing this. You would need to contact JPay directly for help. Here is there contact information:

Thank you!


the same has happened to me





Hi I am sorry if I'm in the wrong area, if I am please redirect me.

So me and my penpal have been talking for 4 years and recently decided to speak on the phone which I did through Talkatone to get a US number oh I should of menetioned I live in the UK and he is in Kansas.

He has now asked that we do video calls on IC Solutions but I'm struggling as I don't have an social security number or the ID they want.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can trick that system and also I would be interested in setting up an account where I can put money on his call time at the moment we relying on his 2 15 min free COVID calls.



Call the prison - it will give you Unit options. Then it'll give you the options for the unit, and you obviously choose Visitation. 
They'll then ask you for the inmate number. 
They'll also you for your name and your email.

About 10mins prior to the visit starting, they'll email you a link to your Google meeting. Make sure you have ID with you and that you stick to the physical visitation rules regarding what you wear.  




I have my pp in Arizona and i am just about to book our first video visit! How did u book it? Do i just call and give them my visitation id or email? 


Sounds about right...think the Blue side causes far more trouble!


Omg jpay lags are killing me the last few days. I just got a bunch of messages that'd been held up forever! He is on the Red side!


He did call on Tuesday morning and night. 
Mine is on the Blue side.


We've had 2 so far cause I'm sharing them with his momma, but they've been amazing. It's so great to be able to see him smile and laugh. I can't wait for visitation to open up so I can plan a weekend visit. 

That'd be cool if they were! I knew there were two sides but didn't know they were Red and Blue lol. I will find out today! Do you happen to know if there was a scuffle on Tuesday on your pp's side? I know my pp didn't get to go to the yard Tuesday night because he says there was a problem on the other side!


Yeah, nothing quite beats a visit @jennifer.hickman!

How are your visits going @DarkBlue07?

I'm loving mine my only wish is that they were longer!

I wonder if our pp's are friends? Is he on the Blue or Red side?





I love the video visits. They have replaced our phone calls because they are cheaper.  We have 2 video visits a week, a short one mid week (30 mins), a longer one on the week end (60 mins)

This is made even more amazing because he is OR and I am in Australia.  I still get butterflies in my tummy before every visit but all is okay the minute I see him.  These visits have brought much closer to each other.


I wished I'd booked it for earlier on in the day! I'm getting nervous now so I'm having a glass of wine whilst I get ready. I'll let you know how it goes. I had to reply to an email acknowledging that I will adhere to visitation rules etc. So I'm glad I checked that email prior to this evening because I don't usually use the gmail address 


Mine isn't until Tuesday afternoon! The wait is killing me lol! I hope you enjoy yours, please let me know how it goes!!! 


When is your visit!? Let me know how it goes!

I've got mine in a few hours!


Well that's why I thought Visits sounded like a stretch when they can't even send Videograms yet! Haha!

Just booked it for Sunday. Jpayed him that he best go shave! 
Over 8yrs and we've never met!


You tell him! And get that visit scheduled lol! I'm really happy about it. The tablets have been awesome and it's amazing being able to correspond with him daily but the kiosks aren't fully functional yet so he hasn't been able to send pictures and seeing him is going to be the best. Have you been to visit your pp at Barchey? How was your experience? 


My pp in Barchey kept this quiet! Haha! I'll be having words when he calls!


Yeah, I guess I was wrong! Sorry! Haha!

The Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry is offering temporary video visitation beginning on Sunday, May 10, 2020, to coincide with Mother’s Day. This temporary program is intended to provide an opportunity for families to remain connected during the suspension of visitation that has been extended across all complexes through June 13, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video visitation will be available to approved visitors and inmates who have visitation privileges. Inmates are eligible for one 15-minute video visit per week in order to allow as many inmates as possible to participate.  Initially, no fees are associated with the video visitations.

Visitors may schedule their appointments on Thursdays and Fridays for the following week. The current video visitation days are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with scheduling subject to time slot availability. Each tablet, along with headsets, will be cleaned and sanitized between visits.

Families and friends participating in video visitation must have a valid email address, access to a desktop/laptop or a cell phone equipped with camera/mic, and the latest version of the Google Meet app. A meeting invitation code will be provided by the complex.

Existing phone call and written letter privileges remain in place for inmates, along with two additional 15-minute phone calls per week, provided at no charge by CenturyLink, ADCRR’s phone and internet provider.



He is in Barchey unit. I got a call back from visitation yesterday to schedule the visit! They are rolling out on Sunday and they will be using Google Meet! I applied to be on his list and got cleared in about 7 days. Because of the circumstances with coronavirus and that they're not allowing visitors for the time being they are offering the visitations free of charge and they will be for 15 minutes. I am really excited but nervous lol. But it will be nice to have some face to face interaction with him before I go to see him in person this fall. 


I've had more success with it than not but it can be frustrating when it goes to reduced bandwidth! I love video visits!

No other Az prison are currently doing video visitation (that I'm aware of) so it's difficult to say how much they'll charge as each State has a different tariff.  



sorry * complaining


Maybe something to take into consideration. I have read on social media (try looking on the JPay FB page) dozens of complaints regarding the failure or less than acceptable issues with these video visitations. It seems equipment is often poorly maintained, or dysfunctional at different places. It might be worth trying to ask the question where these people post and comment. Have to admit from what I have read the complaing far outweighs any positive feedback. Sorry if I'm making it sound less than a good idea. But you don't want to be wasting money on something that isn't going to be a benefit.


Which Unit is he at?


I imagine that when Lewis do get Visits, it will solely be through Jpay. I will be extremely surprised if they use Google meets!

They only got their tablets a few weeks ago but I am of the understanding that they will doing visits via Jpay eventually. 
Are you on his 20list? Because you need to be on that (Visitation and not just calls) before you'll even be able to book a visit and the process can take up to 90 days and costs $25


He is at Lewis in AZ. From what he told me it will be through Google Meet not jpay. I scoured the AZ DOC website and couldn't find anything. I tried looking up video visitation through them on google and didn't find anything either. I called the visitation office for his unit today and am waiting for a call back so hopefully that'll clear things up. 


If we speaking about Jpay Video visitation, we need your pp's state he is in and the prison he is in. Because not every prison has the same rules. But you could do some research yourself by looking up your pp's prison website, not only for the specific rules about video visitation, but all the other stuff that some websites offer. For example if you didn't visit him yet, you could research the visitation rules there as well. But I warn you upfront, for some information you need to dig deep, because some infos are just buried inside a wall of text or the links are not placed in a good place on the website. As for the costs, again if we speaking about Jpay then log into the website, make a prison search and there you can see the prices for any Jpay service that's available for this prison.


It really depends where he is at. Which State is he in?