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What is the deal with Corrlinks?

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What is the deal with Corrlinks?

I have never had to put money on my corrlinks account. Emailing people in prison has always been free of charge for me. A friend of mine, who is now having her first corrlinks inmate (writes for years with prisoners already though), has to put money on her corrlinks account. What's up with that? Does it depend on the state if they charge for corrlinks or not?
thanks in advance.
Btw: he is in wisconsin

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Oh that makes sense indeed, thanks for the clarification!

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Corrlinks is free for most states for us to email. I have a friend in Michigan and I have to pay to email him...its 25 cents an email. I think Iowa is another state where you have to pay to email an inmate too.

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If you are emailing someone with corrlinks and they are in Federal prison it's not free. The inmate pays per minute to read and respond to emails.

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Hey !

Corrlinks is only free for us if the inmate is in a federal prison. (they still need to pay to use it.)

Some state prisons have corrlinks too, but then you need to pay too.

If what she paid was not the update (so you have more functions like access through smartphone, for example.) then it is likely that she is corresponding with someone that is not a federal inmate.

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I use corrlinks 3 times a day and never had to pay mine is in Florida Federal prison I hope their not planning on changing the rules in the future, Maybe it is the state that your friend has her pp??

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I send mails with Corrlinks to my bf that is in Wisconsin and you need to pay. You can charge your account