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What's the mail like right now & would this letter be allowed?

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What's the mail like right now & would this letter be allowed?

Apologies if this has already been asked.

What's the mail like right now due to the current situaton? This is the first time I've heard from my PP since the virus so I've no grasp of what the postal system is like right now - slower than usual I assume but everything is still getting through okay?

My PP is being released in a few months and the letter I just sent to them was talking about social media, texting and getting in contact etc. once they're out - would that get through okay or is it a nono subject ?


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Well, the U.S. Postal Service seems to be running on time domestically, but international mail is still slow. Then, of course, how the mail room at one facility or another is running is a different subject altogether. Some were awful before the pandemic, and now they’re worse – like, things not getting through at all. Truly! It’s extremely frustrating. I’ve had to resort to sending things via certified mail for two places, and certified always seem to go through, but these are exceptionally unreliable mail rooms. And then, there are other mail rooms that run like a Swiss watch.

But your friend is getting RELEASED!!! That is so fricken AWESOME!!! No, I wouldn’t worry for one nanosecond about discussing communication opportunities that may be on the horizon. Best wishes :-)