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Elderly to pay, Immigrants to get free Health Care

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Elderly to pay, Immigrants to get free Health Care

Pensioners Face £20,000 Bill for Long Term Care

Ok I'm sorry but this if going to be a pretty major rant because I've been fuming over this for days.

So basically the government is saying that pensioners who go into care are going to have to pay £20,000 to cover this. Now maybe I can understand the reasoning behind this. Long Term Care is expensive...however, there's a little thing in the UK called National Insurance, often abreviated to NI. You have no choice but to pay this for the entirety of your working life, the government taking it from your wages before you even get your hands on them. On your NI, it quite clearly says, from Birth to Grave. Now the NI is what enables Britons to have free health care, from (as it says, birth to grave). The elderly who are being told they will have to stump up this £20,000 have spent their lives working hard, pouring their money into the stupid taxes we are forced to pay, such as council tax, poll tax, road tax, extra high taxes on Alcohol and Ciggerettes, Television tax (The Lience fee, perhaps the most damned riddiculous of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and countless others, plus the NI on top.

What the F***ING HELL is the point in paying you're NI if when you reach a certain age and are no longer able to care for yourself, you have to stump up a stupidly high amount to be cared for? And to further this, the care homes that the government deems acceptable for the elderly, are regulary full of malicious people who beat those said elderly, for things such as wetting themselves, something of which they clearly have no control over at this age.

But of course, don't forget, the icing on the cake. The Government, in their infamous wisdom, have declared that the National Health Service, commonly reffered to as the NHS, is going to have to suffer major cutbacks, which is the reason the elderly have to pay such high fees. Yet at the same time, the Government has turned around and said the Illegal Immigrants ( a very major problem that Labour all but fails to acknowledge) shall get free health care!!!!

Now I'm sorry for the bad language but...WHAT THE F**K!!!! Why the heck are we paying NI, only to allow Immigrants who have snuck into the country to get free health care, while those who have been born here, worked hard all their lives, and poured hundreds of thousands of pounds into the National Insurance, forced to pay extra for their own health problems?!?!

By no means would I consider myself racist. I have white friends, black friends, asian friends, indian friends, polish friends and every other nationality, but I'm extremely opposed to people looking on Britain as an easy option. There are literally criminals coming to the U.K. just so they can go into our prisons where people are treated like bloody royalty. British jobs are constantly being losed to those from other countries, in a recession that is leaving millions unemployed. I'm fed up of living in a country where somone born to another nation, is given a better life than people born here who spent their lives paying an extremely high amount of taxes to be given the same benifits.

Sorry about the rant :$

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