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Reflecting on recent events

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Reflecting on recent events

First, I want to send my deepest condolences to the victims and the families of those impacted by the actions of what took place in Buffalo N.Y. For those out there who say racism doesn't exist or who want to turn a blind eye to this countries blatant favoritism toward acts of hate... Tell me how a person can commit such a crime against anyone and still end up in custody but one after another of my fellow Black & Brown people are constantly being slained in the name of so called justice while either driving there car's or even sitting or sleeping in their own homes... Does anyone find it at least a little suspicious or odd that this young man who just murdered so many people in a public place didn't even have a scratch on him when taken into custody??? It's just crazy how law enforcement personnel seem to shoot and kill so many Black & Brown people who weren't even committing a crime but this guy can drive miles away from his residence do what he did and doesn't get shot or even beaten by the police!!! (Food for thought people). Now on the topic of abortion, Why would anyone want to make abortion illegal??? We talk about being in the land of the free!!! But through politics we turn a freedom into a crime of sort's... Think of the woman who can have complications that can potentially harm them as well as the fetus!!! Think about the woman who may be too young and can't afford to take care of herself, let alone another person!!! Then there's cases of rape and incest!!! Would you want to keep a child that's the product of such a situation??? Much love and respect to all the States like New York (My Home) that will keep abortion available and safe for everyone!!! #respectwomansright.