How did you find your PenPal?

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How did you find your PenPal?

I am just curious if the majority have found their penpal by answering an ad on this site (or another site). Has anybody just written a random inmate they found on a Department of Corrections website? How about a high-profile inmate (like Jodi Arias).

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My pen pals are from this site. I've looked at other sites, but I didn't like the sites' layouts, design and search features (or lack thereof). Other pen pals sites look sloppy and outdated, to me. I briefly corresponded with two inmates who were well-known in their respective states, but I didn't click with either of them at all, so those acquaintances faded out pretty quick. At present I have five pen pals. Two are expected to be paroled this year, and when they are, I won't be looking for two new pals. I'll just stick with the three that are left.

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Just from this site. I would never want to write to a nationally known inmate because they're already getting a ton of mail. I'd rather give to those who don't get attention.

One pen pal was a little high profile in her area for a while, but I didn't actually find that out until I sent my first letter. Another inmate who was also in the news a lot in her area of Ohio wrote me. I'd written a different inmate in the same prison and that inmate passed my address to her. This happens sometimes and happened to me 3 times. Usually I just throw the letters away but this time I decided to respond because I want an Ohio based inmate.

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Just from this site. I did look at other sites, but this one seems to me to be more "honest", can't think of the right word. No inclination at all to write to high profile inmates.

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This is the only site i've found PP's on. I wasn't looking to write to prisoners, i came across it by accident really and my initial thought was "wow, people write to prisoners, well that's crazy!" and here i am, one of the crazy ones!

I've written to 7 in total - one has been released, one stopped writing, waiting on a response from one, have a good connection with 3 and the other i'm finding it a bit more difficult with, i think that may fade out soon.

I wouldn't really be interested in writing to a high profile prisoner. 2 of mine had a fair amount of media coverage (one locally, the other even made it over the UK newspapers) but i didn't know that until i googled after i had written, it definitely wasn't the basis for choosing them.

I have to admit, i don't know who Jodi Arias either lol.

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This is by far the best and most comprehensive prison penpal website. It's also a lot clearer what people's intentions are too. So you're able to apply your own filters a lot easier in your penpal search, ultimately meaning you find a compatible penpal quicker.

2 of mine have been from here, 1 from another site. None of them are celebrities or well known inmates. I wouldn't really be interested in such a correspondence anyway - I already have a "celebrity" friend and have met numerous high profile people over the years. Because I'm not based in the US, what a high-profile inmate might be to you, is completely unheard of to me. For example, who is Jodi Arias? Haha

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