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New JPay WiFi Connect Issues

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New JPay WiFi Connect Issues

My boyfriend just got his new JPay player and it will not connect to the WiFi.  He has tried multiple times and it won't even give him the option to connect to WiFi.  Anyone else having this issue and if so how do we fix it?  He has put a ticket into JPay, but who knows when they respond and if they will even help.

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Well, since Wi-Fi is high-frequency radio waves, things like concrete walls, etc. kind of don’t play well with the signal. It could be a facility infrastructure problem if they don’t have enough extenders or repeaters or have them in the right places. This was an issue with one of my buds. He had to hold his tablet in a certain position in his cell to get a strong enough signal. No problem in the day room though.

Maybe it’s an issue to bring up with the facility folks rather than JPay? Or maybe have him check with his neighbors to see if they’re having similar issues? Or maybe it's a bad tablet? It's tough to say.