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Can’t find details on the crime

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Can’t find details on the crime

So I've been writing a guy from the site and everything's going good we became friends but today I found myself wanting to see what the details were of his crime. When I googled his name nothing really came up. I've tried to google his name with his crime, and also his inmate number but I'm coming back with nothing apart from one case, but it won't let me access anything. Compared to when I've viewed other people's profile and googled them it produces a lot of results with this guy I'm finding nothing. 

Can anybody possibly enlighten me to what this could mean? Were the nature of his crimes against a spouse? This is the only reason I can think of a record being unavailable to public. The persons crime on write a prisoner was attempted murder


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Don't know if this helps or not but any google search brings nothing up on my pp either (other than his WAP profile) The crime mentioned in the sidebar info is for carjacking.. and he is serving a life sentence. Obviously the two don't equate,so I asked him. He told me the years handed down was essentially because of the 3 strikes and out system, plus a couple of in prison violations. Thankfully he has already done a 25 year stretch, and has about 4 years to go, give or take a few months (his words)  So guessing it was a mandatory 25yr sentence. Why not do what I did, and ask him?


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Well, not every offense gets media attention, and some records are sealed, so something like that can be part of it. There are other places to look like PACER for federal cases, or state or county courts, which are spotty in the level of information one can find. But yeah, what freebird said.

Just be aware that it’s sometimes not in your friend’s best interest to discuss the details of these things (in emails, letters or phone calls, where they can be intercepted by the authorities), lest they tip the legal apple cart.