Germans going to see their pp...

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Germans going to see their pp...

Hi guys,

I am one of these many persons, that did not intend and not expect to fall in love with their pp...and then it happened.
Now I want to go one step see her in Aliceville Alabama in November. The only thing missing
by now is the approval for my prison visit application.
I would like to share, to know about experiences of other Europeans, especially Germans, that made it, to see their pp in person
in a US prison.
I have searched through the forum and I am surprised, that I dont find the reports of people, that really have made it, only of people,
that want to do so, who want to make such a visit. Maybe I looked on the wrong site?
Thank you for your answers.

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I've visited one of my pen pals 3 times with a 4th visit in about three weeks. I'm not European though; I live in the United States and I can make these trips because she is relatively close, only about 175 miles away. So I can't speak to the European or German experience, but I did discuss my first visit to Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln, IL in this post. I imagine yours won't be hugely different once you reach the prison. The travel will be much longer and I guess you'll need a passport. Or a visitor's visa. I don't really know how visits from foreign nations work.

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There are some, that have posted, I'll see if I can find one of them- but others will come on to help who have more experience.