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I'm dall'ing in love?

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I'm dall'ing in love?

I came here to open my heart, because I really don't have anyone to talk to about it! Honestly no one would understand ....

I'm Brazilian!
I know the world because I traveled working and I visited the site 3 months ago. I felt alone and wanted to talk to different people.
I wrote to 3 people on this site and everyone responded. But one of them got my attention.

Honestly, it wasn't my attention. I just wanted to make new friends and I found the proposal on the site very interesting.

I sent a JPay and he sent me a letter (he is from Texas) and he can only respond by letters. I sent a letter after he answered me (which has not yet arrived) and I'm sure he has already answered me, but his letter has not yet arrived (it is taking about a month and a half to two months due to the pandemic). What happens? I think about him every day, and it was just a letter received so far! But everything about him makes me want to know more about him, everything about him makes me think of him ... how he writes, how he is (he is just beautiful) and how he thinks.

He's about to be released.
And he is beautiful ... And I wonder what I'm getting myself into, because obviously he has hundreds of correspondents. And I just got into his life.

But I feel something special for him and I don't understand ... I wasn't open to having romantic feelings for anyone, and he came and changed everything. How can I feel this way after just one letter ??? I feel like I'm in trouble ... NOTE: Sorry for the bad English ... I'm getting better.